Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Follow your heart!

beach painting, ocean, heart
Painting by ME!
Have you ever wondered what you truly were meant to be?  Sometimes it means just taking a plunge and following your heart.  I have wanted for some time to re-brand myself and find the perfect nitch for me.  Well my heart has been telling me that I needed to learn more and get smarter to be all that I can be (to coin an Army term).  Soooo...I have joined Marie Forleo's B-School.  What is that you ask?  Well it is a once a year, 8 week training program to build a better online business.  A dear friend and Instagram expert Sue B Zimmerman helped me realize that it is exactly what I need at this time.  So starting Monday for the next 8 weeks, I will be knee deep in school.  Sue is amazing at teaching better ways to utilize Instagram (my new favorite social media site!) for your business, for all my entrepreneur friends out there.  She has precise and easy to follow steps to grow a true genuine following on Instagram.  Check her out.  If you haven't already, be sure to find me on Instagram!

So where is my heart?  That is the question I keep asking myself.  I can do so many different things, from cooking, to crafting, to painting, to teaching...but what do I really want to do, what is going to make me happy.  Well that is what I am working on.  And I can't wait to announce it here first.  I do have a plan in my head to move from The Patriotic Pam onto a different site, and when that is ready, I promise you will hear it here first.  But for now, I just wanted to share where I will be and what I will be doing.  I hope to drop in here at least once a week throughout B-School to give you an update of how it is going and maybe share what I am working on at the time.  

Please bear with me, as I learn more.  And get smarter to come back and offer you guys an excellent product.  In the meantime, I'd love for you to take a look at some of my current paintings I have been working on.  As I said earlier I love to create...and part of my heart is definitely into painting.  
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Above are a few of my new beach acrylic paintings.  Most of these are on 11x14 canvas and I have the originals for sale. Hurray and get one before they are gone.  The first one on the top row is a little is a painting on pallet wood that is 24x12.  The photo doesn't even do it justice, the paints are so brilliant in person.  Do you have a favorite beach scene you'd love for it to be a painting?  Personal favorite vacation view?  Sunset view you love?  Send me a photo and I will commission a painting just for you.  Email me!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Big things coming soon...

quote, inspiration
A little Monday morning inspiration for you all!!!  

I know I keep teasing big changes coming, and they are.  I need a little bit more time to get it all together, but I promise an announcement is coming really soon.  

Happy Monday everyone!!!

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Friday, February 27, 2015

Everyday should feel as good as Welcome Home Days

military, sketch, illustration, inspiration
Absolutely!!!  If you are a military spouse, parent, child, totally know get the meaning behind this one.  I was reminiscing the other day as we crossed our 3 year anniversary of our last Welcome Home ceremony.  It's hard to believe it's been three years already.  Feels like yesterday.  But looking back through all the photos from that day on my Timehop (yes I look at that silly app everyday...who would have thought!), I got that warm fuzzy feeling all over again.  

military, sketch, illustration, inspiration
Some times in the rush of the day to day life, we forget what that meant to us and how we need to cherish every single moment.  I am a firm believer to make the most of where you are at that time no matter what.  So I challenge you today to find not just the good in your day, but the awesome in it.  Make today feel as good as your last Welcome Home Day, because you chose to!  Go make it happen!!!

I am excited to tell you that I have a BIG announcement coming next week.  I am SO excited about it, I can't even begin to sit still.  I want to blurt it out, but I know my curious followers would go investigating it and I just need a few more days to get it ready.  But I hope you will continue to follow along with me as I am changing and evolving into something more, something better, and something bigger!

If you are just joining in, be sure to check out more of my February Sketchbook drawings below!  

Happy Friday everyone!!!