Friday, February 27, 2015

Everyday should feel as good as Welcome Home Days

military, sketch, illustration, inspiration
Absolutely!!!  If you are a military spouse, parent, child, totally know get the meaning behind this one.  I was reminiscing the other day as we crossed our 3 year anniversary of our last Welcome Home ceremony.  It's hard to believe it's been three years already.  Feels like yesterday.  But looking back through all the photos from that day on my Timehop (yes I look at that silly app everyday...who would have thought!), I got that warm fuzzy feeling all over again.  

military, sketch, illustration, inspiration
Some times in the rush of the day to day life, we forget what that meant to us and how we need to cherish every single moment.  I am a firm believer to make the most of where you are at that time no matter what.  So I challenge you today to find not just the good in your day, but the awesome in it.  Make today feel as good as your last Welcome Home Day, because you chose to!  Go make it happen!!!

I am excited to tell you that I have a BIG announcement coming next week.  I am SO excited about it, I can't even begin to sit still.  I want to blurt it out, but I know my curious followers would go investigating it and I just need a few more days to get it ready.  But I hope you will continue to follow along with me as I am changing and evolving into something more, something better, and something bigger!

If you are just joining in, be sure to check out more of my February Sketchbook drawings below!  

Happy Friday everyone!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Heart Flowers sketch

Today's sketch is just a fun quick one with a little zentangle flair.  I'm wrapping up my month of sharing my sketchbook sketches with you.  As it winds down, I have been back at my easel painting again.  Here are a few I have finished this week.
You can find these in my Etsy shop.  And if you would like to see the photo inspiration for the surfer painting, be sure to follow me over on Instagram where I share the photo and the photographer! 

I hope everyone is having an amazing Thursday!  

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Frozone moves to Alabama sketch

digital artwork, incredibles,
Today's sketch is just a fun digital one that I put together for a good friend who LOVES winter! 

Here is the raw sketchbook version:
And with the magic of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, I had fun adding color to it.  

My sketchbook February sharing is coming to a close.  I hope you will take a peek at a few of my other fun sketches that I have done this month!