Thursday, January 27, 2011

“it is what it is”!!!

So when your only daily communication with your best friend, hubby is over a SKYPE or other form of video communicating, you really have to look your best at all times.  Right?  OK, well maybe not really, but that is how I feel.  Yes I always like to put my best foot forward....the perfectionist that I can be....BUT really I struggle with this.  Today, Dave made it safe and sound to his first location, and was able to call via Skype...but unfortunately I wasn’t looking cute...actually just the opposite.  Today was a snow day, so at 1330 (1:30pm for all of you non-military types) I was just getting out of the shower and trying to dress when I answered his video call.  OK, I have to stop here and admit, Dave could care less what I look like, or even if I am dressed or not when he calls, but he just likes to be able to see me.  I get it, but I am the vain one and struggle with my little video window that shows me looking not so good.  If I really thought about it, when Dave is here he sees me at my best and at my worst, so why should video chatting be any different.  Well that would be OK, except I can’t stand that is how Dave will remember me until he talks to me again.  Sometime that is for a day and sometime we can go days without talking again.  I know I am just being silly, but “it is what it is”!  See I told you I use that term way too much!  Well above is my new Skype photo in hopes that Dave can remember me more put together than when I just hop out of the shower!!!  :O) 
For all interested, he is doing well and busy as usual at his first deployment location.  They have a job to do and that job will be very busy for the next few weeks.  If I am lucky we will get to squeeze in some more video chat times, no matter how I look!!!  :O)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SNOW DAY again...

I can’t believe it this is the 3rd or 4th snow day this winter for FTCKY.  Not normal for here.  But in my household, greatly appreciated.  We are all enjoying watching movies, and staying in our PJ’s today.  My pups as you can see have also enjoyed playing in the snow.  
Still awaiting word from Dave.  I last heard from him before he left Norfolk.  He had 4 other locations to venture through prior to landing at his first destination for the next month.  I am guessing an email later today will confirm this.  In the meantime, no news is good news.  I hope that the travel isn’t too painful for them, and that they can all get settled into this location as quick as possible.  
In the meantime we will be loving the lazy snow day!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where’s the GOOD in goodbye?

 Quoted from my daughter Cami...she said this leading up to today.  I’m here to tell you that Goodbye’s are never easy.  BUT so far so good my gang has handled it really well.  That doesn’t mean that we didn’t have our challenges.  At 2:30am as Dave and I were loading the truck to head to his flight, my front door broke.  It was easily fixable for Dave so we stayed a few moments longer to get it fixed.  Dave my hero!!! 

That is the joys of deployment.  The ironic-ness of having your Soldier walk out the door and someone gets hurt, sick, or something breaks.  My good luck this time it was just before he walked out the door.  Sending the Mr. Fix-it away from our house for a year means that there will be things that will not always work in my house this next year, OR I will pay big bucks for things to be fixed or replaced.  But it is just one of the sacrifices my household makes for the American way.  
With all that said, I couldn’t be prouder of what my husband does.  The 159th CAB has Cased it’s Colors today, meaning they have taken their battle flags and covered them to move them forward to Afghanistan....on the Transfer of Authority day (TOA) these flags (colors) will be uncased to take over command in theater.  The fun has begun.  I know that our Brigade is a great one and ready for the experiences ahead, I just pray that the Families and friends of the 159th stay strong and proud this next year.  As I will be too!!!  

I love you honey!  Stay safe and I will be strong!!!  
Pam :O

Monday, January 24, 2011

Last day before D-Day! (Deployment Day)

Well, today was an OK day.  It is always hard to spend the day together knowing that by tomorrow I will not be able to reach out and touch him.  I will not be able to have one of his great hugs whenever I want.  And I will not be able to chat with him, neither in person or on text messaging whenever I want.  Communication becomes a little more difficult, but not impossible.  
Our kids have all handled this one better than I could have imagined.  Even our youngest...who I expected to have a tough evening, but to my amazement has been able to talk about deployment without tears. 
I am awaiting the kids goodbyes, which will happen at their bedtimes, and I am sure it will be a tough one.  Then I plan to hug and hold on to him until we have to take him to the hangar for departure.  
I love him dearly.  “God please keep him safe”!!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Packing Day

Well, it’s Sunday before Dave leaves at the crack of dawn on Tuesday.  So not quite his last day, but close.  We are all doing OK, but it is tough to watch the preparation begin.  Deployment sucks (sorry, I don’t like to say words like that, but there really is NO better way to explain it)!  

Having your best friend, lover, husband, and father of your children prepare to go to war is never fun.  It hurts and it hurts deeply.  My survival mode begins to take over and a little voice inside of me, continues to say “It’s going to be OK!  It will be alright!  You can do it!”   But reality is there are no guarantees.  We will pray to God that he stays safe and we will trust in God that regardless God will help us through anything he brings our way.  So with all that said, I must say, I have a peace about me this deployment.  I don’t know if that is a good thing or not, but I will trust in the Lord that we will manage!!!
“God please be with us, and please watch over Dave.  Be there for him no matter what comes his way.  Lord be with our children as they once again say goodbye to their Dad.  In Jesus name....AMEN!!!”
Pam :O)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First Flight out...

Well reality has set was the first 159th CAB flight out.  “Poppy” our old faithful popcorn machine supplies the best feel good smell of fresh popped popcorn for the flights.  Served by some wonderful volunteers who come to help support our troops and their family during this hard time.  It was difficult to watch the first of over 2500 goodbyes.  But “it is what it is”!  I think I say those 5 little words almost too much lately, but I can’t think of a better way to describe life, many times.  My honey won’t leave for another week or so...but it still hurts and hits home that our goodbye is coming (all too soon!!!).  Tonight as I watch the Soldiers and Families prepare for deployment, I stand firm in my beliefs that God will provide and be by each and every one of their sides all the way.  Both Families and Soldiers.  God Bless the 159th and may you all return safe and sound!!!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The 159th CAB Ball

Dave and I attended the BDE Ball.  It was a really nice evening out, and we were joined by Dave’s Parents who came to town to see Dave again before he deploys.  We loved having them here.  It was a busy week preparing for this event, but it all turned out well!
 We got the opportunity to meet Barry Michael, a country music singer.  He was the entertainment for the evening and he and his band did an amazing job performing.  

It was great evening out!
Pam :O)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Drama Queen

Well, my poor little 3.4lb yorkie is not feeling well again.  She is our cute little adopted lady, who anytime there is anything bothering her, you would think she was dying.  She is the biggest, most pitiful drama queen you have ever seen.  
She was spayed in September 2010 and for over 2 weeks she would hardly move by herself.  She finally recuperated and was back to normal for a few months.  Well last week just after Christmas, we noticed a small lump on her belly near her old incision.  When it didn’t go away by itself in a few days we took her to the vet.  They said that they believed she was having a reaction to her inside sutures.  The vet at the time thought we might even have to do another surgery to get them out, but she recommended we try antibiotics first.  
Well we did and yesterday after being on the antibiotics for 5 days, my daughter came home from school to a pitiful dog.  Mind you all last week, she was normal...never acted any differently.  Well all of a sudden she was VERY needy again, just like after surgery.  Cami looked at the lump on her belly and she saw that where the bump was on her belly the incisions were beginning to open up.  
So I rushed home from work and rushed her into the vet.  This time I saw a different vet (who I like a lot better than the one last week) and he agreed that she is having issues with a bad reaction to the old sutures in her belly.  BUT he also has a small Yorkie at home and didn’t feel surgery is the right answer.  His thought is to let nature run it’s course.  Just like when you have a splinter in your skin her body is trying to expel the old sutures.  She is currently showing NO signs of infection, but also it’s only a very small opening.  He feels that neosporin and keeping an eye on it is smarter than trying to put her through another surgery.  I AGREE!!!  
Well to say the least she was absolutely pathetic last night.  When she doesn’t feel good she becomes a complete “Mommy, hold me” type of cuddler.  She is SO sweet normally, but this is just over the top.  So much so it makes it difficult for me to even want to leave her.  
Right now she is laying wrapped up in a blanket on our couch.  So sweet.  

Monday, January 3, 2011


Whew, is about all I can say.  The countdown (in my mind) has begun.  Today marks 20 days before he leaves.  I have had an absolutely crazy busy day at work, and cheerleading.  Only to come home and have more work to do.  He has had the day off.  This is the part I hate.  I would rather be spending every waking moment with him right now, but I can’t let the world stop just because he is deploying...nothing I do can make it matter how hard I try.  And believe me I am trying!!!  :O/

Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Happy Unexpected

Throughout our lives, friends come and go....but some will never be forgotten!  I had an unexpected, but extremely welcomed guest(s) today.   Friends who used to be stationed here with us at Fort Campbell (now living in Texas), were back in the area visiting relatives for the Holidays and stopped by to say Hi!  It is always such a great pleasant surprise to have friends drop by.  OK, so I am quite a social person.  This Family is the essence of strength and patriotism.  They have 4 girls under the age of 6.  All very polite, well behaved, and cute as buttons.  It was great to chat with my friend Paige and her girls.  So glad that they dropped by.  Safe travels ladies.  Love ya!!!  :O)

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 1-1-2011

Rosie the Riverter died today.  At least I read that the young lady that the photo was taken of passed away today.  Geraldine Doyle died at the age of 86.  The photo that she was represented in was a huge symbol in our history of the strength of women during war time.  Today’s strength is in the women who continue to hold down the household, while their men are away at war.  Operation Enduring Freedom has been a long hard fight with many military men having more than one year long tour to Afghanistan.  
As you can all tell this is where my mind is as we bring in the New Year of 2011.  I envision this year being one of solitude and change.  It won’t be easy, but my goal is to make it a productive year.  Just like Rosie.  I look forward to documenting my year and being the strength at home.  
Today we packed up the Christmas things.  Worked on the never ending laundry.  Watched a movie or two, caught a little bit of the Gator football game.  And played Wii with our kids.  And best of all Dave and I did it together.  :0)  I may be dreading the upcoming, but I am living in the moment....and enjoying every last minute we have together!!!  :O)