Wednesday, January 19, 2011

First Flight out...

Well reality has set was the first 159th CAB flight out.  “Poppy” our old faithful popcorn machine supplies the best feel good smell of fresh popped popcorn for the flights.  Served by some wonderful volunteers who come to help support our troops and their family during this hard time.  It was difficult to watch the first of over 2500 goodbyes.  But “it is what it is”!  I think I say those 5 little words almost too much lately, but I can’t think of a better way to describe life, many times.  My honey won’t leave for another week or so...but it still hurts and hits home that our goodbye is coming (all too soon!!!).  Tonight as I watch the Soldiers and Families prepare for deployment, I stand firm in my beliefs that God will provide and be by each and every one of their sides all the way.  Both Families and Soldiers.  God Bless the 159th and may you all return safe and sound!!!

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