Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year 1-1-2011

Rosie the Riverter died today.  At least I read that the young lady that the photo was taken of passed away today.  Geraldine Doyle died at the age of 86.  The photo that she was represented in was a huge symbol in our history of the strength of women during war time.  Today’s strength is in the women who continue to hold down the household, while their men are away at war.  Operation Enduring Freedom has been a long hard fight with many military men having more than one year long tour to Afghanistan.  
As you can all tell this is where my mind is as we bring in the New Year of 2011.  I envision this year being one of solitude and change.  It won’t be easy, but my goal is to make it a productive year.  Just like Rosie.  I look forward to documenting my year and being the strength at home.  
Today we packed up the Christmas things.  Worked on the never ending laundry.  Watched a movie or two, caught a little bit of the Gator football game.  And played Wii with our kids.  And best of all Dave and I did it together.  :0)  I may be dreading the upcoming, but I am living in the moment....and enjoying every last minute we have together!!!  :O)

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