Thursday, January 27, 2011

“it is what it is”!!!

So when your only daily communication with your best friend, hubby is over a SKYPE or other form of video communicating, you really have to look your best at all times.  Right?  OK, well maybe not really, but that is how I feel.  Yes I always like to put my best foot forward....the perfectionist that I can be....BUT really I struggle with this.  Today, Dave made it safe and sound to his first location, and was able to call via Skype...but unfortunately I wasn’t looking cute...actually just the opposite.  Today was a snow day, so at 1330 (1:30pm for all of you non-military types) I was just getting out of the shower and trying to dress when I answered his video call.  OK, I have to stop here and admit, Dave could care less what I look like, or even if I am dressed or not when he calls, but he just likes to be able to see me.  I get it, but I am the vain one and struggle with my little video window that shows me looking not so good.  If I really thought about it, when Dave is here he sees me at my best and at my worst, so why should video chatting be any different.  Well that would be OK, except I can’t stand that is how Dave will remember me until he talks to me again.  Sometime that is for a day and sometime we can go days without talking again.  I know I am just being silly, but “it is what it is”!  See I told you I use that term way too much!  Well above is my new Skype photo in hopes that Dave can remember me more put together than when I just hop out of the shower!!!  :O) 
For all interested, he is doing well and busy as usual at his first deployment location.  They have a job to do and that job will be very busy for the next few weeks.  If I am lucky we will get to squeeze in some more video chat times, no matter how I look!!!  :O)

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