Wednesday, January 5, 2011

My Drama Queen

Well, my poor little 3.4lb yorkie is not feeling well again.  She is our cute little adopted lady, who anytime there is anything bothering her, you would think she was dying.  She is the biggest, most pitiful drama queen you have ever seen.  
She was spayed in September 2010 and for over 2 weeks she would hardly move by herself.  She finally recuperated and was back to normal for a few months.  Well last week just after Christmas, we noticed a small lump on her belly near her old incision.  When it didn’t go away by itself in a few days we took her to the vet.  They said that they believed she was having a reaction to her inside sutures.  The vet at the time thought we might even have to do another surgery to get them out, but she recommended we try antibiotics first.  
Well we did and yesterday after being on the antibiotics for 5 days, my daughter came home from school to a pitiful dog.  Mind you all last week, she was normal...never acted any differently.  Well all of a sudden she was VERY needy again, just like after surgery.  Cami looked at the lump on her belly and she saw that where the bump was on her belly the incisions were beginning to open up.  
So I rushed home from work and rushed her into the vet.  This time I saw a different vet (who I like a lot better than the one last week) and he agreed that she is having issues with a bad reaction to the old sutures in her belly.  BUT he also has a small Yorkie at home and didn’t feel surgery is the right answer.  His thought is to let nature run it’s course.  Just like when you have a splinter in your skin her body is trying to expel the old sutures.  She is currently showing NO signs of infection, but also it’s only a very small opening.  He feels that neosporin and keeping an eye on it is smarter than trying to put her through another surgery.  I AGREE!!!  
Well to say the least she was absolutely pathetic last night.  When she doesn’t feel good she becomes a complete “Mommy, hold me” type of cuddler.  She is SO sweet normally, but this is just over the top.  So much so it makes it difficult for me to even want to leave her.  
Right now she is laying wrapped up in a blanket on our couch.  So sweet.  

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