Tuesday, February 8, 2011

SNOWY day here again!!!

Wow, I can't even believe it myself.  This is the most snow I have seen here in our 7 years we have been here.  It is amazing!!!  Today we were forecasted to receive about .5-1 inch of snow and we received over 5 inches at least.  It began snowing around 9am, and didn't stop until after dark!!!  

This is my truck sitting in the lonely parking lot at work.  It was a DONSA (Day of No Scheduled Activity) for the Super Bowl the day before.  SO the parking lot is empty compared to normal!

As you can see it got really lonely in the parking lot at work.  Well from the office I went on to the Hangar for another Goodbye ceremony.  Made for just a little trickier day for our families as they brought their Soldier to the Hangar to deploy.  Weather definitely worked with the mood of the day for them though. 

I am proud to say that looking at the airfield in the photo above, that our guys were still able to get the flight off as scheduled.  Pretty good for a southern state like ours.  This was one of many buses taking the Soldiers to the flight.

Driving was even a little tricky today.  Roads were slushy, so not too bad!!!

Pretty out though!  You have to admit!!!

I came home and seeing that the sidewalks were covered, and fearful for Andy to slip and slide by tomorrow, Alex and I did a little shoveling!  Go Alex, what a huge help he was.  Between shoveling and a little ice melt (thanks to my honey who bought me a new bag of Ice Melt before he deployed, just in case!!!) our sidewalks were nice and clear this morning.  Sure helps to not fall when going to start a very cold car.

We ended our SNOWY day with a power outage, which is always fun when the outside temp is 28 degrees.  Good news is it only lasted about 3-4 hours.  It was fun to watch my techy kids find things to do without electricity, and NO internet.  Of course, Mom still had her iPhone, which I found could charge off of my laptop power!  So, Bahahahaha....I was OK.  (Yes, I am a very techy Mom, too!!!)  Looking forward to tomorrow, as the forecast says another 2-4 inches possible.  What a winter!!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

My first Care Package this deployment...

One of my favorite things to do is to shower my honey with goodies from home.  He tends to share his wealth with others in his shop...so we send twice as much as he will ever need.  :O)

Valentines is week away, and although I am pretty sure this package will not make it just in time, but I had to wait till Dave was about to move forward to his final destination, so that he can receive mail.  And that is going to happen this week, so he will beat this package to the location.  

Here is a little of what we did this time.  We did a box of PINK!!!  I know, I know, but Dave is manly enough to handle PINK from us.  :O)  Pink for Valentines Day, Pink for Love, and Pink because his girls LOVE pink!!!  :O)

Here is what we included...

In addition to the fun stuff, I also have a box of necessities that he needed a few large binders he didn't want to hand carry with him in a second box, although not fun, it will be much appreciated by Dave!  (I am sure!!!)  

Last but not least, I also included an envelop called Couples Write from the Heart.  This is a neat idea starter for both Soldier and Family as we all struggle as to what to say next in an email, card or text to each other.  I highly recommend these...they also produce for the kids too.   Here is the website to order these....and more...

Well that concludes our first box.  If you are struggling to find new and creative ways to do care packages for Soldiers check out this great website for new and fresh ideas!

Or this one too:
Pam :O)

Thursday, February 3, 2011

It never fails...

Deployment....ugh...the joys of what always happens as he walks out the door.  OK, this time it took a week and a half to catch up to me in full speed, but it finally did.  This morning I awoke to a VERY COLD house...well when it is 25 degrees outside that might be expected, but my house temp was set at 74 and the actual temp in the house was 66 degrees.  First sign something wasn't right!!!  Good news is that housing was already scheduled to come work on my air ducts today for another issue in our house.  So I called housing who said that they would send someone out.  Well long story short, it took most of the day, but after many repairmen were here almost all day, we have heat again...YAY.

Well that is just the beginning...Cami's car also is starting to have issues.  It is a 93 Honda Accord (with VERY low miles, I think it still only has about 60,000 on it, without rolling over!!!) and it is now wanting to rev up and down only when it is in park...and only sometimes.  SO...in talking to Dave via Skype today, he diagnosed the issue or so we think...it could be an issue with a vacuum hose...and I now need to find a moment to take it to be repaired.

Next...as I stayed home all day today, I found that as the day went on, I wasn't feeling great.  By about 2pm, I have finally admitted that I think I have a stomach virus.  So needless to say, I didn't grace my cheerleaders with my presence tonight at our b-ball game, worried I would get them all sick!  So home I have stayed.

I knew it would all catch up with me sooner or later, and I hope that as things usually run in threes that I have hit my limit for now.  I think I can handle each of these, or I pray I can.  I just know as a seasoned spouse that this is normal.  And I am taking it all in stride.  No stress, just finding solutions!!!  Whew it only took me 19 years of military life to realize that small fact.  (And I still have to remind myself, no stress!!!  :O)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I love my Hubby

Being apart from the one you love, is really not easy.  But it really helps that I have a very creative and sweet husband.  A few days ago he sent me the link to a new App for our iPad’s and for my iphone where we can hand draw pictures or notes to each other.  It isn’t perfect, but there is nothing like seeing his own personal handwriting in my email, like this:

It makes me smile to see his handwriting on a personal note in my email.  Well I have to admit I am the doodler of the family, so my notes to him look something like this:

Fun and personal.  I love my hubby!!!  The App for the iPhone is called Handwriting.  The App for the iPad is called Penultimate.  If you are a doodler, I really recommend it.  I know it puts a smile on my face to get a sweet handwritten note.  (OK, I admit we are techy people!)