Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I love my Hubby

Being apart from the one you love, is really not easy.  But it really helps that I have a very creative and sweet husband.  A few days ago he sent me the link to a new App for our iPad’s and for my iphone where we can hand draw pictures or notes to each other.  It isn’t perfect, but there is nothing like seeing his own personal handwriting in my email, like this:

It makes me smile to see his handwriting on a personal note in my email.  Well I have to admit I am the doodler of the family, so my notes to him look something like this:

Fun and personal.  I love my hubby!!!  The App for the iPhone is called Handwriting.  The App for the iPad is called Penultimate.  If you are a doodler, I really recommend it.  I know it puts a smile on my face to get a sweet handwritten note.  (OK, I admit we are techy people!)

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