Thursday, February 3, 2011

It never fails...

Deployment....ugh...the joys of what always happens as he walks out the door.  OK, this time it took a week and a half to catch up to me in full speed, but it finally did.  This morning I awoke to a VERY COLD house...well when it is 25 degrees outside that might be expected, but my house temp was set at 74 and the actual temp in the house was 66 degrees.  First sign something wasn't right!!!  Good news is that housing was already scheduled to come work on my air ducts today for another issue in our house.  So I called housing who said that they would send someone out.  Well long story short, it took most of the day, but after many repairmen were here almost all day, we have heat again...YAY.

Well that is just the beginning...Cami's car also is starting to have issues.  It is a 93 Honda Accord (with VERY low miles, I think it still only has about 60,000 on it, without rolling over!!!) and it is now wanting to rev up and down only when it is in park...and only sometimes. talking to Dave via Skype today, he diagnosed the issue or so we could be an issue with a vacuum hose...and I now need to find a moment to take it to be repaired. I stayed home all day today, I found that as the day went on, I wasn't feeling great.  By about 2pm, I have finally admitted that I think I have a stomach virus.  So needless to say, I didn't grace my cheerleaders with my presence tonight at our b-ball game, worried I would get them all sick!  So home I have stayed.

I knew it would all catch up with me sooner or later, and I hope that as things usually run in threes that I have hit my limit for now.  I think I can handle each of these, or I pray I can.  I just know as a seasoned spouse that this is normal.  And I am taking it all in stride.  No stress, just finding solutions!!!  Whew it only took me 19 years of military life to realize that small fact.  (And I still have to remind myself, no stress!!!  :O)

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