Sunday, February 6, 2011

My first Care Package this deployment...

One of my favorite things to do is to shower my honey with goodies from home.  He tends to share his wealth with others in his we send twice as much as he will ever need.  :O)

Valentines is week away, and although I am pretty sure this package will not make it just in time, but I had to wait till Dave was about to move forward to his final destination, so that he can receive mail.  And that is going to happen this week, so he will beat this package to the location.  

Here is a little of what we did this time.  We did a box of PINK!!!  I know, I know, but Dave is manly enough to handle PINK from us.  :O)  Pink for Valentines Day, Pink for Love, and Pink because his girls LOVE pink!!!  :O)

Here is what we included...

In addition to the fun stuff, I also have a box of necessities that he needed a few large binders he didn't want to hand carry with him in a second box, although not fun, it will be much appreciated by Dave!  (I am sure!!!)  

Last but not least, I also included an envelop called Couples Write from the Heart.  This is a neat idea starter for both Soldier and Family as we all struggle as to what to say next in an email, card or text to each other.  I highly recommend these...they also produce for the kids too.   Here is the website to order these....and more...

Well that concludes our first box.  If you are struggling to find new and creative ways to do care packages for Soldiers check out this great website for new and fresh ideas!

Or this one too:
Pam :O)

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