Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Apple Trick of the day....

For all my iPhone and iPad using friends here is a new trick that I just discovered that I knew would be fun to share.  My iphone was suddenly losing battery very quickly....like not staying charged even half a day after charging it all night.  So I googled....amazing what you can find if you google.  Here is what I found....and it worked immensely for both my iPhone and my iPad....if you are also struggling with low battery life, I say it is a must do!!!

Set 1.  First all instructions I read told me to back up my iPhone/iPad....BUT then is says you lose NO data or apps or email or texts etc while doing this....so I would say this step is optional.  Especially since after the reset you DO NOT update from the back up anyway.  BUT if you are a worried apple user that is afraid of losing billions of data....back it up first just in case!!!

Set 2.  First let me explain what you are going to do....you are going to Reset all of your Settings.  Meaning you will lose things like assigned ringer tones, your Home Screen and Lock Screen assigned photos (if you have any)....you will have to re-enter your wifi password.  And will have to enable location services again.  BUT you will NOT lose any Apps, Email, Text Messages, video, music, or any other in app data!  Basically you are just telling your device to no longer listen to your old battery settings.  Once you do the reset I'm about to explain, then you MUST wait until the phone dies completely and on it's own to recharge....and you MUST recharge it completely to 100% without unplugging.  This step is crucial as you will be giving your iPhone/iPad a new battery memory.  So with this said, let's begin the official steps....

Set 3.  Go to Settings and click General

Set 4.  Now scroll to bottom and click the Reset button:

Set 5.  A drop down menu appears and you want to click the first choice "Reset all settings"
Set 6.  Make sure you now let the phone do it's thing.  It will show the Apple sign and a progress bar....let it finish....took about 5 mins on my iPhone.  

Set 7.  Next it will prompt you thru a series of prompts to restart your device as new.  That is exactly what you want.  You will choose the Country, your WiFi password, if you want to enable Location Services, etc.  

Set 8.  IMPORTANT:  You will eventually get to the screen that says start as a new device or from a back up.  DO NOT start from a back up....you WANT to set as a new device.  I promise all your info will be on your device as we spoke of earlier.  

Set 9.  Now once it finishes you should be back up and operational.....just remember to go back and update your home and lock screen photos, ring tones, etc.  Also it does make your brightness decrease to 50%, but if you like it brighter just change it.  Also your ringer is now set at 50% if you want it louder just click the side button to increase.  

Set 10 IMPORTANT:  Now let your phone die completely on it's own...DO NOT charge it before it dies.  Then make sure you have enough time to leave it to completely charge before unplugging.  This is both important because it resets your devices battery memory for you.  

DONE....now it's been a few days and I no longer have to charge my phone every night.  I can go at least two days with my iphone before a charge.  

Happy Resetting......:O)


  1. Thanks Pammy! :) if only I'd had this info before I replaced my 3GS... Miss you and the clan more than you know!

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