Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Basketball at home...hoops we jumped through to make it right for the boys!

Well as parents, we go through many great lengths sometimes for our kids.  I found this to be not only worth it, but very entertaining for the entire family, so I thought I would share.

When we moved into our new house a few weeks ago and the household goods arrived, both of my boys were very excited to see their basketball hoop show up in good condition.  They both love to go outside and just shoot hoops.  Well the first hurdle we had to jump over was placement of the hoop, because although we have a large driveway it is full of hills, slopes and places to lose the basketball itself.  The most logical placement would be at the end of the drive, which the drive itself is nice and flat there and smooth, but just beyond that is a steep hill into the back yard that will lead into the woods.  Not great for our oldest Andy, who is legally blind.

So we decided best placement is near the garage so that if he shoots and misses it wouldn't go far.  Well that meant it would sit at an angle, which bothered Alex (my very black and white son, who says "it just isn't right for the hoop to not be straight.)  So he always wanted now to walk about a 1/2 mile up the street to a park to shoot instead of playing at home.  I don't mind that he does that, but it didn't make sense to me that we wouldn't use what we have right here.  So I began going to the park with him to see what he was liking there.  And we began playing a lot of family Around the World.  Alex just loves to shoot and loves to try and try again from one place until he gets it mastered.

So I thought we can do this at home, it may not be permanent, but at least it will work between rain showers.  (which haven't been all that much up here in CT)  I found online the measurements of a regulation basketball court.

And with a tape measure, a strait line chalk line, and some sidewalk chalk we went to work.

We chalked the measurements of the inside rectangle of the court and then marked all the spots where we would shoot from for the "Around the World" game.

Then we enjoyed a family game of around the world.  Now everyone wants to play at home every day.  Amazing what a few simple additions did for the boys.  They love to play each other and Mom and Dad when they can get us out there.  And great exercise for me.  Believe it or not, I am getting pretty good and can give Alex (my little athletic, competitive one) a run for his money!!!


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