Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Favorites


Here are a few things that are my favorites:

My Family is definitely my favorite thing in the world.  Love these guys with all my heart!!!

Yes I am a serious Diet Coke with Lime fan....I really LOVE any diet with Lime, but I believe this is my favorite.  Almost as much as I loved my Cruise bartender and how he put a half of a fresh lime squeezed into my diet Coke every time!!!  Yummy!!!

Yes I am in love with my label maker.  I love to be organized (even though I am NOT always) and this little tool makes it so much easier and quicker to be!!!  Great bang for it's buck!!!

Oh yes I am a serious Florida Gator fan.  It will be a fun (hopefully not stressful) Saturday night of football as my Gators play the Tennessee Volunteers.  At least up here in New England, I am not having to deal with the taunting of those Tennessee fans anymore.  Fort Campbell was always a good place for fun football rivalries.

Oh yes, my last Friday Favorite speaks for itself.  Either you already watch it and love the humor or you don't.  But for me it is a favorite that I love to watch at anytime!!!

I hope everyone has an amazing weekend.  I plan to fill my with Family and Favorite way to spend my weekends!!!

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