Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Favorites

Once again it is time for my Friday Favorites!!!

This is two of my favorite things...I use it daily and it is always with me.  Yes that would be my iPhone 4 (until I upgrade to a 5!!!) and my PINK Otterbox case.  I really don't think I could own a phone without any issues as long as I have without the Otterbox.  I truly swear by this case!!!

Keeping with the trend of today's release of the new iPhone5, which I plan to get are a few of my VERY favorite, use everyday, must have apps!!!

The Daily is the news magazine that I read EVERY single day.  I'm addicted to it, like my Mom was always addicted to reading the daily newspaper.  It has all the latest in world wide news, entertainment, financial, technology, and sports.  There is a cost involved with this...$39 a year, but if you figure what a newspaper subscription costs, it's comparable!  If I had to find a negative in it, I would have to tell you that the Sports section could be so much more.  They are working on it.  I think it would be amazing if they did a Wednesday Fantasy Football feature, but I guess I am just a sports freak (girl at that, haha)....and I have to go to ESPN for that!!!  

Weather Bug is my next VERY favorite, most used app.  I definitely love to know what the weather is daily.  I grew up in FL where the weather changes and can change pretty quickly to really bad storms.  I love Weather Bug's map, it seems to be the best of all the weather apps (and I do believe I have tried them all.)  I also like it for the severe weather threats.  Came in handy while living in KY/TN for a few years.  You never knew when the next Tornado might be in the area!  (Oh wait, with Weather Bug I did!!!)

Zillow is a real estate app that I have been addicted to for the last 6-7 months.  We began house hunting in CT back in Feb, and Zillow was how we found our current house.  Being a military family and constantly moving, this site was a huge help with it's notifications in a particular search area, when something became available.  I know I will use it again, whether it is to buy or to rent it is definitely the best app of it's kind.  We found our current rental home on it ourselves and called our real estate agent to check it out for us.  She did and the rest is history.  Now that we are all moved in, I haven't yet given up my addiction to my notifications on Zillow, I still look almost weekly at what's new for sale and rent in our area.  Just curious, I guess!!!

Key Ring has been an app that allowed both my wallet of cards and my key ring of all those silly store cards to go away.  You can take any store shopper card, and take a picture of the bar code, it then will recognize and save your barcode.  It then within on app stores all of your frequent shopper cards for you.  It means that on my one device (my iPhone), I can now carry all those cards without really carrying anything but my phone.  AND it will also notify me of a store coupon for that store, or allow me to access the weekly store circular for like Stop & Shop, and etc.  Now as much as I LOVE this app and plan to continue to use it, I do foresee Apple getting smarter and maybe Apple's new Passbook, might replace this for me.  Currently it hasn't as it stands, but maybe Apple will improve on it and I will then switchover.  

Now with that said, I do have MANY other favorite apps.  Of course Facebook, and who doesn't LOVE the new IOS6 update where photos can upload directly to Facebook without opening the app, by just sending from my Photos.  I also use my bank's app a few times a week and they do a great job with their app too.  When we travel I have a few other apps that I use, like JetBlue, Delta, Southwestern, Kayak, Where, and more.  But they are NOT ones that I use daily.  Lastly, I also play a game or two when I have to wait somewhere some Spider, Draw it, Scramble, but my all time NEW favorite is....

Fairway Solitaire.  I actually play it on my iPad....but it is my most addicting Solitaire game I have played yet.  I am not one to buy games when they have a free version.  I played this Free one for about 4 weeks, before I gave up and just paid the $2.99 for the entire game, because I was SO hooked.  With that said, definitely don't have to buy it, the free version gives you new courses every day to try!  It is great!!!

Well that wraps up my Friday Favorites....I hope all my friends who are playing with their new iPhone5's LOVE it today!!! 

Enjoy :O)

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