Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Friends...I miss my chicks

As I get settled into our new home in Connecticut, I find that the only thing I really miss is the friendships, battle buddies and close neighbors that I had for the last 8 years at Fort Campbell.  As I sit today on this rainy Tuesday morning and think about it, I probably sat somewhere similar 8 years ago pondering the same thing, as back then I had just left an amazing group of friends from Hawaii to move to Campbell.  In Hawaii we were a very close group and did many things together and although Dave and I were only in Hawaii for 2 years it seemed we knew those folks for years.  As still today, I've kept up with SO many of them, it is amazing (thanks to social media!).

So pondering all this makes me realize that a chapter in my life has just turned a page and it is now time to begin the next chapter.  As in all books, some chapters begin faster than others, and some chapters take time to develop.  I plan on giving this chapter all my attention and know that God has placed us here for the next few years for a good chapter in our life.  And as I plan to embrace the area and community here, I will never forget the last 8 years (8 chapters or maybe one large chapter) from Fort Campbell.  I made amazing life-long friends who I will never forget and continue to keep up with.  (Just as I have with our friends from Hawaii.)

I challenge everyone today to take a look at your chapters in your life, sometimes they run by years, or sometimes they write themselves in phases of your life, but regardless take a look back and see where God has brought you.  It is very encouraging while looking forward!!!

(The front of a "Chick" card that I sent to a 
very dear friend today, that I do miss a lot!)

I salute all my Fort Campbell friends, whether you are still there or have also moved on....you all are near and dear to my heart.  I thank you all for being there for us and placing such a positive impact on our lives.  At Campbell, I had groups of friends that sometimes crossed into one another, sometimes didn't, but regardless they all meant a lot to me.  Whether you were a "Chick" friend, a Harper "Valley" village friend, a Cheer friend, a FCHS friend, a FRSA friend, or whether you crossed all of those, you mean a lot to me.  Love you all!!!

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  1. I miss you and all the others as well. I am certain that your chapter(s) in CT will be some of the best in your life.