Wednesday, September 12, 2012

iPhone 5

iPhone 5....the good, the bad, and the ugly!!!

The Good:

1.  Love the new screen size.  A larger taller screen looks to be pretty cool.

2.  A new Apple A6 chip & 4G LTE....both are making this new phone faster.

3.  New Camera upgrades and new lens cover should make for better clearer photos.  They also talk about better low light photos too.  (For all of us who love to snap photos even when the lighting stinks!!!)

4.  Love the look of the new map and the turn by turn spoken directions.  Maybe time for my Garmin to take a back seat....finally!!!

5.  Panorama photo options are very cool too!

6.  Facebook integration is another FINALLY too.

7.  All new EarPods....we will see if we love them.

The Bad:

1.  Not sure I am happy about the change in the connector/charger.  I guess all good things have to change eventually.  And to make the iPhone lighter and thinner this had to change too. means all new adapters and so on.  Ugh.

2.  Talk of Near Field Communication coming to the iPhone was exciting, but Apple didn't pull it out.  At least not yet.

3.  Siri....I still think she is slow and doesn't work as well as she could.  CNET says that the Jellybean on the Android is still better.  Ugh!

The Ugly:

1.  (and only)  The Battery Life....they state in the Keynote that it is improved, but I don't believe them and neither does CNET.  Time will tell.

Well that is my wrap up....and my verdict is...I want it!!!!

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