Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New house photos

So as of today we have been here in the house for 6 weeks....boy time flies when you are unpacking boxes and setting up a house!!!  As we begin to really get settled the weather is slowly starting to change for us to the fall.  So I have also added a few outside the house photos to show the color that is yet to come!!!  :O)  Here are some of my latest photos of the house inside and out.  Just a few views of how we are settling in.

Here is the house, taken today... love the beautiful blue sky today!!!

This is our back yard view of the trees.  Fall colors are going to start pushing through all that green!!!  I can't wait to see it.

Looking into the woods behind our house.

View from our driveway, looking at the cul-de-sac.

A male turkey that was just hanging out in the yard.

Hanging pictures in the house has been my mission this last week.  

Trying hard to put our touch on the house!

One of my favorite views, in the house.  This is my kitchen window that overlooks the backyard.   Doing dishes with a view! :O)

Starting to make our mantle have that Fall feel! 

I love the amount of windows in this house!!!

This is a little cluttered, but I had to add it for my girls....it is a lot of wonderful 159th memories in my home office!  :O)

Here is the sun room....again with a view.
Of course, I snuck in a little of my Mickey into the kitchen as usual. 
Our favorite all time grill!!!

Well that is all for now.  Hope you enjoyed!

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