Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Coastal Connecticut

This weekend we enjoyed company as Dave's parents were here visiting.  It was fun to show them around a little.  We wished we had better weather, but at least it wasn't too cold.  We were able to show them around the Milford/West Haven coast and here are a few of the views they saw.

Milford Landing which has a Coast Guard station, marina, and more.

Dave and his parent's looking at the boats.

I love the wildlife. 

Here is the whole family of ducks.

This is a part of the marina....many, many boats still in the water. 

More of the Marina.

And again more Marina.

Milford Boat Works

This was taken along the Long Island Sound looking back at Milford coast line.

CT seagulls, I wondered if they were as pushy as the FL ones.  (Haha)

Looking out at the Long Island Sound.

This was taken up the coast a little in West Haven at a cute park.  

A view of the West Haven shore from the park.

The park's point out in Long Island Sound

This was one of the many memorials at this Veteran's Memorial Park.

More views of the Sound.

This is the view from my house looking town at the town of Ansonia, and IF you look at the top of the tree line that is actually the Long Island Sound!

Again a view from our house.  Look at that rain coming!  
Hope you enjoyed a small taste of what the area looks like up here.

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  1. Pam,
    Thank you for sharing this on Tuesday Trivia. I will feature some of your pictures when I feature Connecticut and link them back to this post. It probably won't be till May. I'll let you know. If you have others for your state let me know. Connecticut is on of the few states I've not been too. So I could use your help.
    Wanda Ann @ Memories by the Mile