Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Turkey Days

AMAZING!!!  That is what wildlife that just comes strolling by your house window is....AMAZING. Too bad that while Dave's parents were here, we didn't see any of these.  But as soon as they leave, I have had these guys in my front yard both days in a row.  Here are a few shots from yesterday, and you can see they are good size turkeys.

Today, as I am having lunch with Andy, the dogs begin to bark again....and who is out our front windows, but 5 Tom the Turkey's again!!!  I am guessing the Cheerio cereal Dad recycled into the woods have brought my friends around.  Next time the Cheerios will be stale on the first day of his visit, I promise!!!  :O)

So I believe this is the same 5 turkeys from the above photos just visiting two days in a row.  They are really good size....when they walked across my driveway, they were about the height of my mailbox out front.  So cool to see wildlife just out my windows.


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