Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Believe Sign

Don't forget this is a Thanksgiving Week giveaway sign.  Just share my blog on your Facebook or Twitter feeds and tag me in it for a chance to win.  Make sure I know you shared it, post on my Facebook wall just to be sure!

Here is how I made this sign.

1.  I used a craft board that is 3/8 x 6 x 24!  This is just a basic board that you can buy at any hardware store.

2.  I then just hand sketched what I wanted to carve out.  Usually I do things more precise, but I wanted to try a more fluid handwriting look, so I just did it.  :O)

3.  Once I had it sketched on the board, off to the garage I went to begin carving.

4.  For this particular sign, I used a 1/4 inch straight router bit and set it to less than 1/16th depth, as I didn't want it carved very deep on this thin board.  Then I began tracing my lines with the router.

5.  Once it was carved, I then sanded the entire board smooth.  I used 220 grit sandpaper with my orbital sander.  You could do it by hand on a sign like this as it is small and not too rough, but when you have the power tool, use the power tool!!!

6.  Now I took it back inside (the warm house, as I do live in the Northeast and it is getting chilly out in my garage!!!) paint the letters.  I decided I wanted a high contrast within the letters before I stained white paint was what I chose to be puddled into each letter.

7.  I enjoy this type of painting because you don't have to be neat.  With the letters carved, you can puddle and make a small mess....then just take it back to the garage and sand off the excess white paint that was on top of sign.  That is the great thing with the letters won't mess up the paint within the letters.

8.  Then it is time to stain.  I used a Minwax Antique Walnut on this sign.  I used a foam brush to apply it.  I gently brushed it over.  To get a little lighter color inside the gift box, I wiped that stain on each coat.  It took two coats to get to the desired color I wanted.  I do lightly sand with 320 sand paper between coats of stain.  Don't worry about inside of letters.  Let dry completely though before sanding!


  • Don't worry about the paint that gets onto the's part of the charm.  If you get too much inside a letter by mistake just wipe it with a clean cloth (old t-shirts work great for stain rags!)
  • I use a tack cloth to remove dust from board after sanding.
  • I also stain back of board for an even finish on both sides.  Don't forget to wipe any drips on edges of board with each coat, otherwise sides will have darker drip marks on them.  
If you like this sign, please share my blog on your Facebook and/or Twitter feeds and let me know, so I can enter you into the Thanksgiving evening drawing for this sign for free!!!  I will be announcing the winner on my Facebook page Thanksgiving evening.


Also I will soon be featured on the Sugar Bee Crafts with another Christmas Sign, please check it out on Dec 1st.  

Thanks for checking this out!  As usual, if you make a sign like this, please send me a photo....I love to see what you can make too!!!

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