Monday, November 26, 2012

Fall off the bone, Ribs on the Big Green Egg

There is nothing better than Ribs on our Big Green yummy!

I believe we have adapted and fixed and added a few items to, and tweaked our recipe enough to finally find some of our best ribs ever this weekend!  Here is a few tips to our secret recipe.  I have decided not to share all the details, but to give a few how-to tips.

  We started with our favorite blend of spices for the rub.  We coated the ribs with the rub and refrigerated over night.

 The next morning we unwrapped and placed on the Big Green Egg.

A few additions under them helped to flavor them well.

Pecan wood chips
Apple Cider Vinegar in the drip catch pan

Once the ribs cooked for a few hours, we then brought them inside and prepared tin foil wraps to sauce them up a little.

The sauce we use is one of the things that we have worked hard to perfect!  Use any sauce you like, but the key is to wrap up tight in the tin foil for the next hour to seal in the moisture.  Place back on grill.

The Guru really helps us maintain a low temp for extended periods of time!
Next we pulled the ribs off, unwrapped and added our favorite barbeque sauce lathered on the ribs.  (we use different sauces in these two steps!)  Place back on grill unwrapped for 30 min or until desired tenderness.

Slice, serve and enjoy!!!

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  1. Wow! That looks so delicious and I am happy to see this amazing recipe of it. Really it’s very yummy. Big green eggs are always tasty. So there is no matter that he not completely shared all the ingredients which are absolutely his partiality and no one shares it and website always help me a lot. But the tips he gave are awesome. So thanks for sharing this recipe and I hope that you will came with a better recipe next time.