Friday, November 16, 2012

Handmade Headboard

I knew I could do it.  I have seen such simple headboards in the stores that cost so much, that I knew I could buy my own wood and make it myself.  Here is how I did it!!!

First I started with two stair posts as the outer edges for the headboard.  Then I decided I wanted to build the center board out of smaller boards put together to give it a more rustic feel.  I bought those 2in wide and 5 feet long.  I used 7 of them wood glued together....and then clamped them until they held.

I added another 2 inch wide board along the side of the stair posts so that I would have more of a frame to place the headboard piece on.

I then sanded it all smooth.

Then I put it together to make sure my design would work.  And it did!!!  Now the fun part (sarcastically...haha!), I got to take it back apart again and begin staining it.

I used a Minwax Antique Walnut color stain.  I added three coats of stain, sanding between each!  

Above is basically the color it ended up!

Then I reassembled it....and attached it to my bed frame.  WaLa!!!  It's done!  And I did it all by myself....even my husband didn't play a part in this project!  :O)

As you can see this is for my Daughter's room.  Worked great and all for less than $75!  You can't beat that.  I had $60 in wood, $10 in stain, and another $5 in hardware!

I'm pretty happy with it.  Excited that I did it myself!  You too can do it yourself!!!

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