Friday, December 14, 2012

Happy Birthday To ME!!!

Happy Birthday to ME!!!  

I am incredibly blessed and thankful for all the wonderful family and friends I have!  God has given me another year and I am so grateful!!!  

God Bless

Friday, December 7, 2012

Star Light

I found a great easy project to add to my Christmas decor.  I found the idea on....Little Bit Funky blog.  Her instructions were so easy and YES it is made for under $5.  Here is what I did.  

Supplies Needed:
  • 5 wooden yard sticks
  • Hot glue gun
  • 1 strand of 50 small white lights
  • About 15-20 zip ties.
  • Black spray paint
  • White Spray paint

I purchased my yard sticks from Lowes for $0.60 each.  And I found a set of lights on sale for $1.50.  So my total price (not including paint, hot glue and zip ties, since my house has these things in stock) was $4.50 total!!!

Start by laying out your star like above.  I found this to be only as tricky and as difficult as I make it.  I started off by wanting it to be PERFECT and then decided, no the outcome should look aged, not perfect.  So I relaxed and then my star turned out OK.  

Next I painted the entire star front and back BLACK with spray paint I had.  

Once it was dry on both sides, I then went back and lightly sprayed over in with the white.  This gives it an aged look.  

I let that dry.  Then I wanted to attach my lights.  Since my strand was a shorter one, I decided not to wrap it around the star....but to fasten it to the star where the lights would always be on the front.  So I used zip ties to fasten the lights and just worked my way slowly around the star.  

I trimmed the long ends off of my zip ties and WaLa!  

Here is what the finished product looked like at night outside my house.

I hope that it will get lifted and secured this weekend to the second level of my house just above the front door.  My hubby is away on business this week and I definitely need his help to hang it up higher.  So for now my star just rests against the house!  

I hope you are as inspired by this post as I was of Little Bit Funky's is a great, easy, inexpensive idea to adding more lights in a fun shape!  If you make your own, please post a photo back to me so I can see yours too!!!  I love how everyone can put their own spin onto a project like this!!!


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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Busy Bee...

Baby blocks for the new additions!
 This project has been so much fun and who isn't excited over new babies!  These are created for a friend of mine who has them done for each baby born in their unit.

What a great memory for the family as to where their baby was born and with what unit they were with.

Next, I have also enjoyed making a few ornaments for friends.  There is something special that goes with the bonds that are created with military units and families that are established by leaning on each other to get through some tough times (deployments, etc!).

These were both fun to create and I hope that they bring that Family joy and special memory for those receiving for many years to come!

These were also very fun to make and for a very special group of people.  I am excited to have them receive their very personalized ornament this weekend!!!

Last but certainly not least, this is probably one of my favorite projects that I have created this Christmas season.  It is for a dear friend, who spent a career in the helicopter and always inspired me to create and find creative answers to any problems life throws at you.

This one gets mailed today....and's a surprise gift for Christmas.  So fun to make!

Well those are just a few of the things I have been busy creating, along with Christmas shopping, decorating, buying a new car, and all the other things it takes to run a family.  Needless to say, I've been a busy bee!!!


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Saturday, December 1, 2012

1st Guest Post on another blog!!!

OK, I am just a little excited.  After spending a busy day at car dealerships (yuck, not the exciting part)....I come home and log in to my Blogger account to see my own Guest Post featured in my Read this part of my blogger on others blogs.  I had forgotten that today I would be featured on Sugar Bee Crafts!  How cool.  Please check this out....

Click here
So I have Christmas Wood sign featured in my Guest Post.  Please take a look at it at Sugar Bee Crafts.  It is a great blog full of very crafty items.  

Thanks for all the support.  And yes we did buy a new car today too.  I am a little excited about that as well.  :O)