Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Moments in Time

Good morning....and welcome to the New Year.  OK, well I am a week late, but right on schedule.  See I am very much committed to my family and until my entire family went back to normal, I was committed to not "working"....even though I love my blog, it is really just a thing I do for entertainment, when everyone else in my house is busy and away.  So since I had the PLEASURE of having my daughter home until Jan 7th, I chose not to start back at my blog until after she left.  I took from my birthday, Dec 14th until today off.  I have missed it....but not as much as I miss my girl when she is away at college.  :O)

So for those of you that might need a catch up, this blog is a quick view into where I have been for the last few weeks and what we have been up to.  

It all started with an amazing girls trip to New York City on my birthday weekend.  We had a ball.  Many old friends and new ones looking at all the Christmas Decor in the city.  It was a great day.

As you can see in the picture Cami was blessed with being able to have a wonderful friend from Fort Campbell come up and visit a full week before Christmas.  It was so awesome having the girls here.  I got some much needed girls time.  I love my boys, but sure do miss the girlie things when they aren't here.  

Also on my birthday weekend, we were blessed with Mom visiting.  And a special surprise that makes my heart swell.  A reunion with Dave's Mom and her best friend from when Dave was little and living in Iowa.  Boy the stories these ladies could tell.  Anyway, Susan (Dave's Mom) and her best friend from days gone by (Bobbi) got to reconnect for the weekend.  What a great time it was sharing that moment with them.  It makes me think of all the wonderful friends I have made throughout the years and how I would LOVE a weekend of reminiscing with everyone of them!  So cool!!!  (We all need to plan a ladies weekend away....NYC is a great place to do it, who is interested???)

We also were able to find a moment to have a little Family fun and the kids all helped me decorate my Christmas Tree.  Dave and mom put up the lights and the kids spend the evening adding the ornaments.   And WA, LA.....

I am a traditional Christmas Tree decorator, meaning I only place ornaments on my tree that have meaning to my family and I.  I then add plaid bows both big and small for the McFarland heritage. 

During the week before Christmas, we got a little shopping in.  The girls and I took a trip to Greenwich, CT and loved looking through some of the cutest little shops in their downtown.  

I also got two very fun cups for my birthday.  One for my drinks on ice.  And the saying couldn't be cuter....I sure do LOVE a MAN in Uniform!!!

And the second was for my hot coffee.  Cami hand made me a beautiful ceramic mug and safely brought it all the way from Florida to Connecticut without it breaking, only to go to wrap it with a reused gift bag from my stash of wrapping materials, and as she picked it up the bottom gave out of the gift bag and it broke.  I know she was SO sad.  But it is the thought that counts.  Plus Dave was able to pull out the super glue and put it back together for the most part.  It is beautiful and I love it!!!

We had a little spare time, staying out of the cold to do a family jigsaw puzzle.  Alex started it and everyone helped out here and there.  

We even got to watch Alex play two basketball games before Christmas break.  He was very surprised as his team won both of those games and he made quite a few of the shots for the win.  We all had a great time cheering him on!!!

Well also the week before Christmas was spent with cooking a lot of great meals.  We enjoyed some homemade meatloaf, steak, chicken tenders, and my favorite homemade pizza on the big green egg.  I chose a Hawaiian this time, because we had a special homemade pizza sauce, but my favorite is still my barbecue and onion personal pan pizza.  

We also tried some yummy homemade donut holes.  This is a recipe we need to work on perfecting a little more, then I will probably share it on here.  

That brings us to Christmas.  Our family decided to make it a traditional dress nice for Christmas Eve dinner.  We enjoyed a standing prime rib roast that was amazing.  I enjoyed those leftovers for days.  Yummy!!!  And we got a chance to take a few fun family photos.  

This photo makes me smile, because Emma (the golden retriever in this photo) was always trying to get into the shot.  When the kids took the photo above, I had to zoom out because here Emma sat ready to be in the shot too!!!
Those were all fun photos, but I think this one below is my absolute favorite from the Holidays:

It's always hard to get them all to cooperate....but this one definitely was the best of the bunch.  

Dave and I love to cook together, as most of you have probably gathered from the recipes I post.  Here is a fun photo from Christmas Eve too.

We enjoyed an amazing Christmas Eve!

And the Stockings were hung!

Realizing as we took the dogs out it was going to be a White Christmas!!!  So cool!

Of course Santa cookies and milk with a personal note from the kids!  Love it!!!

Christmas Day started with an amazing Coffee Cake, Hot Chocolate (coffee for me!), and lots of great gifts!!!

As you can see below, I got my white Christmas.  It was beautiful!!!

Emma, one of our Golden Retrievers, loves Christmas too.  Her favorite part is opening gifts.  To her it is basically one day a year she is not only allowed but encouraged to rip things to shreds!!!  

The rest of Christmas break was spent watching movies, cooking good food and just enjoying each others company!  We got even more snow after Christmas, about 6-8 inches, which has lasted on the ground all the way until today even.  It has just begun to melt a little today as the temp went above freezing for the first time since before Christmas.  

As you can see the dogs loved it, well all but one of them.  My little yorkie, LuLu wasn't too crazy about it.  She would prefer to see it this way.

Most of the time we all were like this....

 Snuggled up, warm and cozy in front of the fire watching our DVRed shows or movies we haven't yet seen.  

This is a shot from my mailbox down my street that overlooks the Long Island Sound.  

Well as much as I thoroughly enjoyed the break and didn't ever want it to end....it did.  All good things must come to an end and I will wait patiently for the next wonderful family moment again.  Who knows next time, it might be relaxing on a beach, hanging out in a mountain cabin, or downhill skiing....whatever the next family adventure brings us together, I am sure it will be as fun and as enjoyable as this one!  

If on my birthday I learned anything this year it is to hug your family and never take a day or moment for granted.  See my birthday is Dec 14, and unfortunately this year just 10 mins from my house a horrible thing happened....Sandy Hook shooting.  Scary and tremendously heartbreaking.  Life is precious and if nothing else I hope this entry will inspire you to hug those around you and live your life to the fullest!  I know my last few weeks have been amazing!!!


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