Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Organizational Tool that has changed my way of Shopping

Just in case you are like me and always want to be just a little more organized, then you have to keep reading and see my very favorite product that I have used all fall and definitely will continue to use it!  It is a shopping companion book.  OK, so you are probably saying, I don't need any help shopping, but it definitely has helped not only keep me organized with grocery shopping, but helps me save money too.

I bought it at Target.  Things that I love in it.

The shopping card holders.  I can't stand to have my wallet full of all of these shopping cards you have to have these days.  And really I use my KeyRing app on my phone most of the time for these cards on the go anyway.  So keeping these cards organized and somewhere if I need them I have them is great.  (Photo was taken before I cleaned out my wallet and filled up the sleeves!)

Next I really like the pockets for the coupons.  I am not a huge couponer, but have learned in the North East that every cent saved is more for us.  So I do take the time to cut a few, plus I shop at Stop and Shop and lately they have been mailing me coupons to use on a weekly basis that not only save me money, give me free products, and give me extra gas points.  So they are definitely worth organizing and holding onto.

Then it has shopping list pages.  The BEST thing about this is I can print more whenever I need from this link.  Mead HomeManager Downloads  I use this every week with what we need to buy.  The ones that come with the binder are great too because you can tear out half the page at a time if you want.  But the printed versions are very versatile too.  

And the next thing that I added to my book from the Mead HomeManager Downloads page is the weekly meal planners.  Dave and I love to cook, but when we were both working we never really planned out what we were going to cook ahead of time.  I always just bought the normal favorites weekly and kept a pretty well stocked kitchen.  And if we didn't have something we wanted, one of us ran to the store on the way home from work to grab it.  We that isn't the most economical way to shop.  I found once I started actually meal planning, I didn't have to spend as much every week at the grocery store and we really did have what we needed a lot of time already.  We do still have certain staples that we like to keep stocked in our house for breakfast and lunch that we don't plan ahead for right now.  But I truly can tell you the week that I plan all the meals out and only buy for those dinners, we save money on our bill.  I do have weeks that we spend a little more stocking up on meat that is on sale, but that just helps the bills for the next few weeks when we don't have to buy the meat for the meal.  My kids have really bought into the meal planner too.  So much so, that we have now purchased these new sticky notes:

They are great and easily displayed.  I have a fairly new rule in my house that we don't put anything on the refrigerator, because I was finding that the front of the refrigerator was getting lost in the stuff that piled up on there.  And so now I have display areas for certain "hot" items, but otherwise we don't put things up.  BUT these new sticky notes have earned their own wall space in my kitchen because everyone has liked knowing what comes next.  Sometimes mid week, we find ourselves in family conversation at the dinner table discussing how we want to rearrange our planned meal calendar because of sports events that have changed or come up at the last minute.  And that is OK!

Last but not least in my cool book is a zipper compartment to hold any odd shaped items, coupons, etc. It also has one item I really don't use to it's fullest, because I keep bookmarks on my computer instead.  It has pages to chart your most used webpages for couponing or discounts.  I really don't use because I just bookmark and keep a folder right on my computer.  Plus I use Apple and all my devices share my bookmarks, so that is another reason to do it right there.  

So there you have it, but coolest and most used organizer type of product.  I have bought other things like this that I haven't used or have found as useful as this one is.  I waited to share to make sure I would continue to use it.  It's been over 6 months and it is still extremely useful in my household.  

Another thing that is pretty cool, is if you wanted to create this product on your own you could.  I considered that before I bought the OrganizHer product, but when I looked at what it came with and how I could download more pages to print, it was most economical to just buy Mead's version!  But you could make your own too!!!  



  1. It is from Target. What is is called so I can search for it at

    1. It's made by Mead OrganizHer. One similar is Check it out.