Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Organizing with Chalk Board Labels

OK, who doesn't LOVE the idea of Chalkboard Labels.  I ran across these when looking for new organizational tips for the New Year.  One of my goals was to continue organizing my office better.  I say that because it is not terribly disorganized, but I am really looking for a more efficient flow, when working in there.  Plus I have to admit, life was a little crazy before Christmas with many, many craft projects and my office was beginning to get out of control.  

So I have begun regaining control and today was the start of my redo.  I found these great Martha Stewart Chalkboard Labels at Staples.  I wasn't sure when I bought them what I would use them for, but I had many things in mind, from my office to my kitchen, and etc!

Well I decided today as I was beginning to clean up and look around my office, that my bins that hold many of my tools needed labeling.  I absolutely LOVED the chalkboard effect.  

Here is how it turned out for me!!!

One step closer to a more organized office.  WooHoo!!!


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