Thursday, February 28, 2013

February is almost over and Spring is closer!!!

I hope you can all see my HAPPY dance....yes that is for Spring to come!!!  As much as I have loved my February...I am so looking forward to March (and Spring coming!!!)

First let me tell you why I loved FEBRUARY....

Clip Art picture of February

I began February with a re-do of my blog design.  I took it out of an automatic Dynamic Views design to a simple design that I made my own.

I bought my own URL this month!
I had lots of help from the e-class that I took by Elise Blaha Cripe and Elsie Larson called Blog (Design) Love!  Elise has her own blog called Enjoy It, and I have to admit from one military wife to another....this is one of my absolute favorite reads.  She tells a beautiful story and shows design, crafts, and many other things along the way.  And Elsie has two blogs, one called A Beautiful Mess and another called Everyday Elsie.  What I love about both of her blogs is the beautiful photography along with what she is saying or doing.  For me the photography on a blog is a huge draw and one I really am striving to get better at myself.  I don't believe I am done with my design....I like to think it is always a work in progress.  I really learned so much from this class, with many hands on HTML tips!!!  As a creative person, there will always be something that I want to make better, change for the season, or just update for the fun of it.  Just as life is always changing, I truly believe that this will always change with me!

February also brought my small Connecticut town a lot of snow.  We normally see about 36-40 inches of snow (on average) for the entire winter.  This year we were blessed with a blizzard that brought 34-36 inches of snowfall in less than 24 hours.  It shut down our town for an entire week, that is a lot of time down when you consider this is New England!  And for those of you new to my blog, I am a very new New Englander, as this is my first winter!!!  I was used to 4-6 inches shutting down KY/TN where I used to live, because snow removal was an issue....but here they have the equipment.  I quickly learned that that much snow takes DAYS to clear even with equipment.  I just like to say that was my WELCOME to New England snow storm!

We shoveled for days just to clear our driveway.  The snow drifts in the middle of our steepest part of our driveway were definitely 5 feet high if not higher.  Muscles that I didn't even know I had hurt for days.

We definitely enjoyed great sledding and playing in all that beautiful snow.  What I didn't realize is that when that much snow falls, it stays with you for weeks....and turns not as pretty as the days/weeks go on.  As February draws to a close, we still have snow completely covering the ground, even though it hasn't snowed again here since the blizzard.  And I am hoping that March brings lots of melting, as I have now officially had enough of the pretty white stuff for one winter!  :O)

February began my 12 weeks of Mac N Cheese recipes to share with you guys.  Every Tuesday I post a new edition to this collection.  I have to admit, that my family definitely does Mac N Cheese a lot, due to my oldest absolutely loving it.  We have tried to refine it, and take it to a new level.  As my husband likes to say, we like to make "adult" Mac N Cheese with a few kid editions mixed in.  I hope you will try a few of these and let me know what you think.  I got a thumbs up from a friend who tried week 2 and her family LOVED it and there were not even any left overs....I would say that was a huge hit!

I also found time in February to show off a few new craft tutorials.  I must admit that the cold in the workshop/garage this winter has really hindered me into wanting to go in there, but I pushed through as I got a new order for a set of baby blocks that I make for a friend's military unit.  Once I began working through the cold, I realized it wasn't that bad, as long as I didn't stay out in it too long.  My biggest issue in the cold (besides being cold myself) is getting the stain or clear coats to dry....that little warning about not using below 40 degrees is true.  So I would spray in garage (didn't want fumes in house) and then after it sat for a few minutes in workshop, I would then pick up cardboard under project and bring it all into house to dry.  Still not always a good smell, but less smell than it could have been.  I really look forward to spring for this reason too.

Clip Art Picture of March

Well onto MARCH...I have at least TWO very exciting things happening in March.  The first is one I believe will be big on my end of March highlights and that is an upcoming trip.

I am getting to go watch my daughter compete in College Cheer Nationals Competition!  I can't wait.  I haven't seen her since the Holidays and I am so excited to give her a hug and then watch her team be on FIRE on the competition floor.  During this same trip, one of my best friends is also meeting me there.  We both had been next door neighbors the last few years until we both had to move last summer.  So she is coming up from the south and I am coming down from the north to meet in the middle.  We will get to not only watch college cheer competition, but also take in a college baseball game or two, as her son is playing in the same state the same weekend!  Quite a coincidence!!!

Mom Blog to Money Blog

Next thing that I am excited about for March, is that I have just began a new blog class.  I have just begun the "Mom Blog to Money Blog" class.  I will be taking my time through March going through the steps of it and seeing what I can change and update to make my blog better.  I would love for anyone out there interested in going through it as a battle buddy to let me know.  If you have been thinking about doing it, here is the link....sign up and let me know, so we can go through this together.  :O)

Last but not least, I am just truly excited to start seeing a few warmer days in March!  I am even looking ahead to it will be that much warmer....and I might just have a trip to Florida to tell you about....shhhh....but that will have to wait until later! ;O)  I have many great RECIPES, CRAFTS and even some spring cleaning/organizing planned to showcase for March!  I hope each and every one of you have something fun to look back on for February and something exciting to look forward to in March!!!


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