Friday, February 8, 2013

Finding is an early look at the blizzard!

Well it is my first blizzard in Connecticut.  So far I have survived Hurricane Sandy (who would have thought I would have to move to New England to live through that!), a few snow storms, and now officially a blizzard.  Can't get much more weather exciting than this!  So I thought I would share photos with you as it comes.

These photos were all taken Friday morning around 10am.  We decided to venture out to our local Home Depot in the small town of Derby, CT just to see if it was crazy out.  The roads were nicely covered already and it had only been lightly snowing since 8am this morning.  

Derby, CT is a small town on the Housatonic River.

This yellow house is actually our neighbors.  You can see our roads are already completely covered.

This was a cemetery along our route to Home Depot.

These are just more road views.

Well as you can see it is just the beginning of a great storm!  As we are snug and warm in front of our fire now, we are watching as it comes down.  I am also taking photos each hour of the progression of the storm.  So more to come!


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