Friday, February 15, 2013

iPhone 4 Trick - Power button having issues, try this...

If you have an iPhone 4 and are having issues with your Power button since the last update, here is a tip that helped me tremendously today.  Since I have done the last iPhone update, my Power button only randomly wants to work.  So, I did my searching and on the Apple Support Forum I found this tip.

1.  Open an official Apple App like the clock or compass.
2.  Hold down the power button until the slide to turn off shows up.
3.  Hold down the home button until the slide to turn off goes away.


Well at least that was good news for me, as both my daughter's iPhone and my own were having these issues, and updating to the iPhone 5 for 3 of us is rather pricey right now.  So a I might have just bought myself a few more months of the iPhone 4!  WooHoo!!!  (I am sure my daughter is saying Boo....she probably had hoped to update.

I hope this trick works for you if you need it.  It has worked perfectly for me.

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  1. This is certainly a common problem in iPhones. I also had a problem with my power button before, and turning it off and on was such a hassle. What I did was reset it with the Home button, and thankfully it worked. Your method is a good one, too, Pam. I hope we’ll both be able to enjoy an iPhone 5 soon. Haha!

    Venus Eckert