Wednesday, February 20, 2013

MacDaddy Mac N Cheese Bar Review....we loved it!!!

Reviewing a restaurant, is not normally my thing, but today we stumbled upon what I will call my oldest son's heaven.  A restaurant who only serves Mac N Cheese 30 different ways.  MacDaddy's Mac N Cheese Bar is located in Monroe, Connecticut.  It's just a small restaurant in a little shopping center.

But boy was the skillet Mac N Cheese that we had today something to right home about.  See we are in the midst of showing off our own 12 special recipes of Andy's favorite Mac N Cheese here in my blog, so finding this for lunch today was fun to try.

Andy chose to try the Mac Doggy Mac N Cheese which is a traditional mac n cheese with hot dogs cut up in it.  Andy definitely liked it.  There were so many great choices that we both had a hard time choosing, like the Mac Monte Cristo, which is black forest ham with smoked gouda or the Mac Sloppy Joe, which has cheddar, ground beef, onions, peppers and sweetened tomato sauce or the Mac Pulled Pork which has 12 hour roasted pulled pork, blue cheese topped with Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue sauce and many more.

This is a photo of Andy's.  I tried the Mac Buffalo Chicken Mac N Cheese in the first photo.  I couldn't believe just how creamy, yet spicy it was.  The melted blue cheese thru the top of it was heavenly.  Very well done.  One thing we didn't try, but might the next time is their dessert Mac N Cheese....get this, it is deep fried macaroni elbows tossed with powdered sugar.  Who would have guessed?

If you are ever in the small Connecticut town of Monroe, be sure to look it up.  It is a definite must try restaurant!!!  Click the sign photo below for their web page with directions.

Thanks for stopping by today.  If you are a Mac N Cheese fan, try our RECIPES here.

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