Saturday, February 9, 2013

Nemo Blizzard 2013 - 34in plus of snow!!!

The blizzard Nemo came for a visit and we survived.  Our power stayed on all night, even though at times we had snow falling at a rate of 5" an hour with winds whipping over 50mph!  We were blessed!

We woke up this morning and were anxious to look outside.  I couldn't resist taking a photo of my bathroom window first thing this morning.  Keep in mind this is on the back of my house where it is technically on the third story!

The next vision we had that it might be a little much outside was after dressing and coming down to the kitchen my guys found this at the back door!

That is about 3.5 feet drifted onto the back door on the patio!  When we went to bed the night before there wasn't anything over 2 inches on this porch due to the wind blowing it off as soon as it snowed onto it.  So seeing this sight was crazy!!!

We then all decided we needed to suit up and check it out, plus all our dogs needed to do their morning thing outside.

What we found next was unbelievable.  I will let the photos speak for themselves.

Alex measuring snow, he found drifts over 4 feet high!!!
To get this shot, the walk up the driveway was quite a hike!
This shot was looking down our driveway, no way I'm shoveling that today!

Snow drifts into the front of our house, definitely over 4'!

Dave shoveled a little to give dogs room to get out, especially our 3lb Yorkie!
Dave and I all suited up! 

Alex trying to get his disc sled to go, too much snow to move!
Alex got a little help!

There he goes!

Whoa, and over he went!

Getting back up the hill was quite the workout.

Haha...up and down he went!
Dave tried his hand at sledding. 

Waist deep to get back up the hill!

Crazy deep snow.

If only we could MUSH with those dogs!!! 
 Speaking of dogs....check out these dog photos.  I couldn't resist snapping a lot of my girls, they were having SO much fun in the deep, deep snow!  I loved it!

Look at that face!  You have to LOVE it!

Go girls go!

She got part way up hill, and just sat there, like give me a minute! 

Emma going downhill to by our basement doors.  Very deep snow!

Poor Ashlee trying to work her way through the yard.

You can do it girl!

Emma showing her how it's done!

Such a lion in the snow!

Resting again....

Whew saw a bird!
Ashlee in the spot we cleared for our little 3lb girl!

Emma had to pose for me too!  

Next I caught a great series of action shots of the wind.  Wind this morning was gusting over 40MPH....and at times that was brutal!  Take a the purple sled...

I loved the chair Dave created on the driveway!

Ut Oh....there goes the sled

Even the dog was like Whoa!

Wow, it sure went flying!

Everyone was moving to chase it.

But it went SO fast down the hill!
Ashlee was going after it.

Nice snow bottom!
 Well that was fun!  Getting it was even more fun, Dave used the sled disc to sled down to it and then he treked back uphill with both!  Glad I was on camera duty!!! ;O)

Here are a few more fun shots. 

Emma and I sitting in the snow together!

Snow was so deep it was hard to make a snow angel....he couldn't keep his arms straight!

This is our back patio.  That is the Big Green Egg....check out just how deep the snow was!  Crazy, isn't it???

Well here is the stick I promised you.  If you look at my before shots here, you will see that it really did reach amazing heights!

Well I hope you enjoyed a quick glimpse at our snow blizzard experience this weekend.  You have to love and appreciate Mother Nature!  So pretty and very cool, literally!


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  1. Oh Pam,, these are amazing. I'm so glad ya'll enjoy the snow as much as you do. Bob says please don't send any here. we've had more than enough for us, even though no where as much as you. love ya,, Ann Borrego

    1. Ann,
      I promise that I won't send it your way. Haha! I couldn't believe we got this much snow here. I've been in New England and have been through Hurricane Sandy & now Blizzard Nemo! What are the chances of that? Haha