Friday, February 8, 2013

Nemo is Here! More blizzard photos!

Well as the day continued on, the snow just kept falling.  As you can see above, not all of us were crazy about venturing out in it.  My little LuLu (our 3lb Yorkie) was not excited at all.  She even was wearing her snow jacket, but she didn't think that would help.  She has such a personality.

I did venture out to the mailbox (to check the mail) and took this photo of our house for you.  At this point we had a little less than about 3 inches in most places.  The winds had just begun to pick up and it was blowing snow around a little too.

As you can see our big girls, Emma and Ashlee loved playing in the snow.  They don't seem to mind and really get sort of frisky in the snow.

We did finally get LuLu out in it.  She wasn't really happy about it, but she did her business and followed the big girls just a little.  She would retreat back into the garage when she had enough of the cold!

We had a few other friends visit us today too.  We made sure the birdfeeder was full today, and it saw a lot of traffic.  These little birds don't seem to mind the cold, but love to munch on our feeder!

The wind is really blowing snow into our garage doors, so Dave decided to shovel a little just so LuLu has a pathway out to the back yard.  We expect by tomorrow that she will need a pathway just to be able to go out at all.

When Dave's Dad visited in September, he decided I would need a stick up to measure snowfall.  We haven't really needed it so far this winter....but we decided today was a good day to make sure it was visible.  I re-painted to top of it hot pink (yes I love hot pink paint!!!)....and we measured from ground to where pink paint starts it's 29 by tomorrow we will see how close to the pink it is.

OK, so it might not be a beautiful palm tree, but you have to admit there is beauty in the tree in the snow too!   I imagine tomorrows pictures will be pretty amazing, as they are forecasting snow to fall all night and most of the day tomorrow.  I am guessing we are around 4-5inches on ground so far today.  They are forecasting around 20+ inches for our town.  Time will tell.  More to come tomorrow!


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