Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Seymour, Connecticut - My Town

Today I would like to give you a glimpse into my world just a little.  I live in this cute little Connecticut town named Seymour!  It is rich with history and has that small town feel.  This town is more than 160 years old.  It was officially named the town of Seymour in 1850!  Since we have moved here in Aug 2012, I have been so impressed with this small town.  Having lived in a lot of different places as a military spouse, it has been a pleasant surprise to see how quaint this little town is.

Seymour has a small downtown area, with a variety of antique shops, post office, liqueur store, and my favorite, a cute gifty store called Tickled Pink!  What I love is the shops all work together on different occasions to host times for special deals or fun.

Seymour has a theater called The Strand Theater, which dates back to World War 1 era.  Where it hosted live performances, to movies and etc.  Soupy Sales was known to perform here too.  Such history.

There are many pizza places and Italian restaurants in Seymour.  We have found a few we like, including a great little bakery that makes amazing grinder rolls.

Beyond downtown, my other favorite parts of Seymour are all around water.  We have a great middle of town waterfall, by the new Memorial Park that is being redone by the city of Seymour as a Veterans Memorial Park.

There is something so pretty about a waterfall!!!

My other favorite scene in town is looking across the Housatonic River.  It is so beautiful on the water banks.  And to see the ice that has formed on the river this winter is fun too!

Here is one more of the river banks.

Along with beautiful river scenes, there are many neat old barns.  It makes me always want to stop on the side of the road to photograph.  This is one of my favorites near my house.

As I drive around town, there are always neat views.  Enjoy a few of these....

Of course as you can see it is currently winter....but I believe there is a true beauty even in the winter look!

This is our middle school where my son goes to school.  And yes that is snow!!!

Well last but not least, here is a picture of my house in Seymour!

We are looking forward to a little Blizzard fun this weekend.  Should be some more neat pictures to post for you next week.  I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our little small town! 


  1. I moved away from Ct in 1996 and have only been back a few times. First thanks for the glimpse of home, and secondly thanks for knowing what a grinder roll is.

  2. Thanks Jo. We are very new to CT and loving discovering so many cool things around here. And yes being able to find really good grinder rolls up here is definitely a favorite thing for us. Thanks for stopping by!!!

  3. What a beautiful little town! And hey, I loved Soupy Sales when I was a kid. :-D
    Lovely barn photo too - and from farming country, I'm partial to old barns.