Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snowed In

The sign sums up our house today.  Let's just say "Snowed In" has an all new meaning to me.  Today we ventured beyond our own back yard and mailbox.   We walked the neighborhood as the sun was out and the wind had stopped and boy were we surprised what we saw.  Let's just say we thought our own driveway was bad, but we quickly figured out even if we cleared our driveway that we still wouldn't be able to go anywhere.  Here is a look at our neighborhood roads!
This is the end of our road right where the next road connects.  The plow didn't plow our road and literally blocked us in.

Alex's face was priceless.  The snow in our road is a packed 2 feet at least. 

This view is looking up my road from the side where it was plowed on road before mine. 

This was the first plowed road we came to. 

Notice they only were able to plow one lane....I would hate to meet the other car and have to back up!

The drifts the plow created are 4-6 feet tall!

This is the main road before our neighborhood that leads to Alex's school.  A little more plowed, but still crazy!

Needless to say, school is already canceled again tomorrow.  Mainly because of the town's roads aren't clear enough for the buses.  But we also are under a Freezing Rain Advisory tonight.  That should make for an interesting tomorrow.  And here is why....

We shoveled all least 5-6 hours worth and couldn't finish the whole driveway.  We only cleared the bottom half.  It was crazy!  Motrin is my best friend tonight!  :O)

 This was ME....and our driveway....Now I know why the storm was called we would "Just Keep Shoveling, Just Keep Shoveling..."!!!  My driveway continues behind me at least another 12-15 feet to the road.  Lots more shoveling left to do! 

We did find a little time to have some fun.  Here is Alex getting creative with the steep driveway.  Log Rolls down it!!!

It looked like so much fun, I just had to try it too!!!

 Alex also found sledding down our driveway to be pretty cool.

Yes it was fun!!!  You've got to find the positive side in this mess!!!

Well here are a few crazy photos.  Check these out!

Alex standing in front of one of the plow drifts.

His snowball!  Basketball size, almost!

Behind Alex is our road.  Wow we need a BIG plow!

Look closely, this is a neighbors driveway full of cars, you almost can't see.

On our walk this morning, I still can't get over the amount of snow!

Just me standing in the middle of our road.
 Dave really wanted to get a plow down our street and into our driveway.  Look what he found on our walk.  If only he could get it running!!!

We couldn't forget our Cami as she is not with us, but at school in FL.  So we did this in her honor!!!

Well after a very long day, we found our reward in the snow!!!
But let's just say I was really exhausted.  That is me laying in the snow after we finished for the day!!!  Sort of gives you a neat perspective of just how much snow we have!!!

Tonight I pray that the freezing rain actually helps melt and doesn't turn all the unshoveled parts to ice.  We will see.  Oh and did I tell you that the forecast this week has 3 more days of more snow?  Hummm living in the Northeast is really interesting.  Who knows maybe we will get a few extra days off to enjoy each other.  Needless to say through all the work today, Dave and I enjoyed each others company, with our tunes playing in the back ground as we laughed and joked the entire day.  As tired as I am, I will chalk it up to another great day!  Happy Snow Day tomorrow!!!


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