Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Bringing a little bit of Mickey Mouse with me

Everyone needs a piece of home with them no matter where you are.  Through our 20+ years traveling from place to place with the military, we have brought a piece of our home state with us.  I am from the sunshine state of Florida, and I grew up loving Disney World and all things Mickey Mouse.  It was just always a good memory for me!  As we moved around, Mickey kitchen items were always an easy gift for family and friends to give me.  So we have quite a collection in our kitchen.  But I always have room for one more.

This is my latest and greatest handmade Mickey Mouse item.  I have had the Cricut Disney cartridges and have barely used them.  So I decided last week to make a new sign with a scrap piece of wood I had in the garage.

Just began with a simple piece of cut and sanded wood.  I painted the entire thing a dark red (I have more dark, deep red in my Mickey items than I do bright red.)

Once painted and dry,  used a simple Mickey cut out using my Cricut and black vinyl.  (Sorry...I am horrible at times remembering to take pictures of every step, but just so you know, I love to use painters tape to help transfer the vinyl and keep in in line.)

Then to add a little more Mickey color, I used a bright yellow paint and the end of a new pencil to create the larger yellow dots.  The small white dots were created using a white paint pen.  I love finding things I already have to make the design I want.  I have been known to dot items with everything from a pen tip to erasers, to small cups or jar lids.  Once the dots are dry, I applied 3 coats of clear coat to give it a good finish.  Allow clear to dry completely between coats, and I sanded between first two coats too!

And here it sits on the back of my stove.  Added just the color I wanted to that area.  Here are a few other photos of my kitchen with Mickey!

I hope you enjoyed this little piece of our home....and maybe it inspired you to craft something that makes you think of where you are from!

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  1. Cute Mickey sign! I love your cookie jars! Thanks for sharing @ Submarine Sunday!

    Navy Wifey Peters

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