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Creative Care Packages

Supporting a Military Loved One with Creative Care Packages

Military Care Package Ideas
Who doesn't love to get a Care Package.  Well when you are deployed a million miles away, or out to sea or even away at college...Care Packages can be the one thing that brings a smile to your face.  These ideas were intended for those supporting a military love one, but I've seen the same tips and tricks used to send to any family member or loved one that is away from home.  

In building my Google+ followers, I have decided to offer a FREE subway art printable if you follow me on Google+.  (Please just leave me a comment below that you became a follower, and I will email you the printable.  Please make sure you are not a No-Reply commenter!)   For those that already follow me on Google+, comment too and I will also send it to you!

Free Long Distance Printable

The Do's and Don'ts


  • Make sure you have the correct address for your Soldier.  This can get confusing, just copy exactly how they give it to you.
  • Use flat rate boxes by the Post Office....these are FREE to get...and a flat rate to ship.  SO you have no questions about what to budget for.  
  • Be CREATIVE....who doesn't like a little fun in a box when they are away.  (EXTRA TIP: Many college students would also be your best friend to receive a care package like not JUST for military!)
  • Find out what your Soldier wants/needs (I know sometimes wants are their needs ;O)!  This way you can not only be excited to send, they can be excited to receive too.  
  • Encourage your Soldier you are showering with gifts to share.  Many times I have asked for specific requests from other Soldiers in my Soldier's shop to send them something special too.  
  • Remember special occasions are hard away from them be apart of family traditions by sending things that will mean something to them. 


  • Send illegal things.  (POST OFFICE RULES!)
  • Send obscene material!
  • Send alcohol, drugs, or anything you know will get them in trouble...EVEN if they ask for it.  
  • Send weapons, pork, or even religious materials in bulk...these are all No-No's!  
  • Send Chocolate in the summer months.  (It is too hot to make the long commute!)
  • Send electronic in the summer months either (heat will affect these too).
OK...on to the good part.  Let's see how many different ideas we can come up with.  There are SO many great ones out there!  I have begun a Pinterest Board called Creative Care Packages.....and I have a small collection....if you would like to be added to contributing to this board to build it up email me at thepatrioticpam AT gmail DOT com!

Throughout my many survived deployments, I have put together a variety of different themed packages.  I have even taught a class or two about doing it.  Today I thought it would be fun to highlight others who have taken great photos of their own care packages and posted them.  Each of the photos below have a link back to the original source.  Feel free to click and visit their pages too!!!

Army Wife & Co created this awesome Batman themed care package!
Peas and Crayons put together this amazing Spring Themed Package!

Elder Cody Holmes blog created this great "YELLOW" themed package!

Happiness is a Mood blog put together this Football themed package.
Sometimes Creative has some great mailing ideas....but this Halloween Box is one of my favorites.

Army Wife & Co put together this amazing Birthday box too.
Sometimes Creative also created this amazing Summer themed box!

If you are looking for more great is an IDEA list:


Green Lantern
Captain America
Fantastic Four
Human Torch
Mr. Fantastic
Invisible Women

Feature Colors

"I'm BLUE for you"
"You make me shine YELLOW"
"I blush PINK for you!"
"Light up my RED light"
"ORANGE you glad you have me?"
"GREEN is Hooah!"

Sports themed



Valentines Day
St. Patricks Day
4th of July


Toys(small toys to pass the time)
Summer Fun Toys (blowup pool, squirt guns, sidewalk chalk, etc)
Get Well
Beach Day!
Nuts about you!
It's 6am somewhere....(Coffee themed package!)

My absolute favorite THEMED list is posted on Army Wives Network page with SO many great ideas....check it out here!
More Great Ideas from Army Wife Network here too!  

So tell me what your FAVORITE Care Package you ever sent was?  Do you have a theme you LOVE to do?  Please share with me.  I would LOVE to add more links if you want to share....leave a comment link!!!

I pray that all our Soldiers return safely and that you won't need these ideas for awhile.  Stay Strong!!!

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I hope you EnJoYed this sharing of ideas!!!


  1. What a great post! I love the list of themes.
    I found you at the All Things Thursday Link Up. I hope you can stop by my blog and leave a comment - and link up, too!
    ~ Megin of VMG206

    1. Thanks Megin....I just linked up and became a follower too! So glad you stopped by!

  2. these are really great ideas!
    Love ALL of them. I'm pinning so I can refer back.... :)

    thank much for the collection!

    hugs x
    Crystelle Boutique

  3. I love this!! When my nephew was in Iraq, we sent him so many care packages, I believe we took care of him and everyone around him:)) I felt like I was helping the war effort and with each package, my heart felt less heavy with worry:))) Thanks so much for sharing these!!

  4. If you call the US Postal service hotline, they will send you a military care package kit that contains 3 boxes, all the forms you need, and tape. You can get up to 10 at a time. Also, Halmark stores carry an awesome line of cards especially for deployments.

  5. I was wondering about the flat boxes for military. My Son is on a Navy ship and the post office charges over seas rates to send him things. Even when they are here in port they charges an over seas rate. My last flat rate box cost $75. Any help is appreciated. Thank you. Mindy

  6. I love these themes! I can't wait to send my boyfriend a Halloween themed package! Especially, since it's his favorite holiday.

  7. After reading you site, Your site is very useful for me .I bookmarked your site!

  8. as a wife going thru her first deployment, i hope to put these ideas to good use. Thank you! I would love it if you emailed me the free printable to

  9. This is such a sweet post. I'm so lucky that my husband decided to not join the military, because I get to have him home, and safe, ALL the time. I love that. But my aunt married a military man, and as amazing as he is, I dunno how she does it. He is always gone for long stretches of time, and she misses him a lot. Both of them are so brave, and I'm glad that there are so many men and women that are so willing to keep us safe.

    Military Surplus Beaverton OR

  10. I usually dont do a theme because hes pretty picky (and I dont want him to be embarrassed!) but I've found that asking questions on the sly like "Whats your favorite candy today?" (Cause it always changes lol) then sending it all in bulk amounts. He gets really excited to eat the skittles that I send him :) Sometimes Ill have kids I babysit make him cards and for Christmas I had two 6 grade classes write cards as a project for him and the Red Cross! Occasionally Ill send cute cards I find and write really corny love notes in them. I think that we forget how hard it is on them because sometimes I focus too much on how hard it is for me. So I try really hard to make sure he knows that he is super loved from the other side of the globe :D

  11. Wow, that sounds good. These creative care packages are just too good. I was also thinking about making my dad feel special on his birthday. But the birthday is tomorrow so it would be great if they provide same day courier service as well so I can order this package without any worries.