Thursday, March 7, 2013

Parrot Pub Sign

Thought I would share with you today a sign that I created that I really think turned out great.  I love that it is not only carved out, but also painted!  The parrot is probably my favorite part of it.  Thought as I am traveling to see my daughter this weekend, I would just share a few pictures of one of my favorite designs we have made!

Pub Sign

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  1. NO WAY, pam!!! you painted that?! it is amazing!

    1. Thanks is carved out and painted. Took a while to get it just the way I wanted. Don't zoom in too close, you will see the brush strokes. Haha! I made this before I started blogging, so finished photos is all I have. I wished I had during the process ones. I might redo it again....just to do that! ;O)

  2. As someone that is OWNED by multiple parrots, I love it! Fantastic job!!

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