Monday, March 11, 2013

Southeastern University Cheerleading Nationals (part 2)

G  O       F  I  R  E  !

For Nationals, SEU Fire Cheer team got to perform their routine twice.  I have already posted lots of photos from the first performance in the morning here.  Now onto round two.  I have to lead in by saying that I unfortunately was having some issues with my autofocus during this round, so photos are limited compared to round 1.  But there are still some amazing photos!!!  

CCA Cheer Nationals

The team worked so hard to prepare for Nationals.  They have an amazing coach!  And it was awesome to see them do so well.  They finished 3rd place, but the heart and spirit in this group will always be #1 in my book!!!  Again great job FIRE!!!  

Take a look at the few photos that I did catch that weren't blurry from this round's sequence....

Third place in Nationals at CCA

I am SO proud of these guys!  You worked hard and rocked.  

Unfortunately I didn't have any of my team pictures turn out clear....but I couldn't help share with you one of my award photos....sorry for the little blurry look!

(For SEU Fire Cheer Team....
please feel free to right click and save any photo you like for yourself.)  

If you missed Round One....just click this sentence to go see those photos too!  


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