Monday, April 1, 2013

Big Green Egg Tips & Tricks for Summer

Big Green Egg

It's Spring...and summer is right around the corner.  In my house that means MORE grilling time.  We LOVE our Big Green Egg, and even when there is snow on the ground we still grill on it.  We have been known to shovel our patio first on a snow day, just to fire up the Big Green Egg....but nothing is better than great weather and cooking on the BGE!!!  So I thought it was time to put together a great listing of all the amazing Tips, Tricks and Recipes for your BGE!

(Please note, this post is ONLY because I love my BGE and know so many others do too....I am not getting paid for this post nor am I trying to sell anything within this post....just my opinions based off of 4 years of owning our BGE!!!)

If you are new to the BGE, please make sure you go through the first section closer....these are...

First Timer Tips:

1.  BGE website itself has some amazing First Timer Tips for you to look through.  My favorite tip on their page is to purchase a good pair of HEAT PROOF GLOVES.  This is important!

2.  Egg Head Forums is another very useful site to find the answers to many of your questions.  You can search your question and probably someone has already asked and answered it here.  

3.  Big Green Egg Guide is another place that has a lot of useful BGE info.  


I have listed the eggcessories based off of NEED, WANT and that you will know what we find the most useful.  


  • Plate Setter and Baking Stones - I recommend (if your BGE doesn't come with one) getting a good plate setter for your size BGE.  We use ours a lot for indirect heat, cooking pizza, or for holding a drip pan under the grid.  
  • Heat Proof Gloves - This is a must.  I don't know how many times we have needed to adjust something once it is cooking and hot pads, just don't work as well.  Find a good pair that allow for extreme heat temperatures.  They sell them with BGE stuff....but you can even find gloves at the hardware stores that work just fine.  
  • Good Charcoal - I say good, because there are brands out there that we really don't like.  I will tell you the ones we LOVE....and you can figure out the others aren't as good.  Our favorite is actually the Big Green Egg charcoal....and we have tried them all.  Our second favorite is Wicked Good charcoal!
  • Fire starters - I recommend having two options....BGE fire starters are great for times that you don't have electricity.  But we also LOVE our electric charcoal lighter, this makes it super easy to light your egg!
  • Good V-Rack - OK....this might seem like a WANT over a need...but honestly we use this a LOT I decided it is a NEED!  Now I could give you the link to the BGE v-rack, but really there are less expensive v-racks out there, that work just fine.  Just a good one that will withstand oven temps (which should be all of them)!


  • Big Green Egg Guru - Although I wanted to place this as the first NEED....I do realize you can cook without it.  It is expensive, so I left it on my WANT list.  I will tell you since getting the Guru, we cook with much more precision, and know better exactly how to adjust when needed.  It is one item you will want to consider once you have your BGE!!!
  • Cast Iron pans - We have really began cooking not only in the BGE but on the stove top too with Cast Iron. I never thought I would like it, but I now prefer them.  Keep them seasoned well and they will withstand anything.  You can buy anything from Lodge to more expensive William Sonoma brand, but honestly cast iron is cast iron.  I wouldn't pay more than you have to.  I LOVE to find old cast iron at antique stores, but they are hard to find because they hold up so well.  
  • Good seasoning - Found everywhere.  We love to create our own rubs for meat and the BGE keeps your meat tender and juicy.....can't beat it!
  • Wireless digital thermometer - This is close to a NEED....really helps to know internal temperature of your meat.  You can do it by hand with a regular thermometer, but the wireless digital ones have alarms to help you know when you need to check it.  This works hand in hand with the Guru too!!!


  • Cooking Baskets - Just what it sounds like....easier ways to cook small burgers, fish, vegies, etc.
  • Cover for BGE - honestly we haven't covered our egg EVER....and it looks as good as it did new 4 years ago.  We also have lived in harsh weather conditions with it, every where from heat in the south to cold in New England.  
  • Table for your Egg - Below I will highlight some plans where you can build one yourself.  Otherwise there are many places that sell them too.  (This is really FLUFF....because you don't need it to make great food on your BGE!)
I probably could keep going, but the list above is definitely covering the basics.  Now onto other tips and tricks:

Table Plans:

Who doesn't want an amazing table with their Big Green Egg set into it.  Functional and amazing for any patio.  Here are a few websites that offer great plans:
There are many more out there....and I am sure if you search BGE Table plans you can find even more....these are just ones that were easy to follow and could be adapted to many different size eggs.  

Great BGE Recipe Sites:

I can't rave enough about our BGE....once you have one, you will wonder what took you so long to get one.  Hope these Tips & Tricks help you in the gathering of what you will need and a few recipes to try!  



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  1. Someone I know recently told me I need a Big Green Egg. There's a store maybe half a mile away from me that sells them! They seem pretty cool, I just don't know if I'd want to leave it out on the breezeway at my apartments.


    1. That's a tough call. You might look at the Mini Egg for an apartment, that you might be able to move to and from a locked up area. I wouldn't want to leave it unsecured....they are expensive!!! But they help produce some of the best food we create!!! :O)

  2. I do not think we have the Big Green in our country :/ We do however have Weber braais {grills} which is very popular and in SA we grill all year round ! Thank you for sharing at our ALL MY BLOGGY FRIENDS party :-)

  3. I have made your chicken recipe twice with rave reviews. Thanks Pam!