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MilSpouse Feature of the Week - Brittany Dawson

MilSpouse Feature of the Week!

MilSpouse Feature

Military Spouses are probably one of my favorite heroes of our world.  They are resilient, productive, unique, proud, creative, and the best multi-taskers I have ever met.  They can be Mom, Dad, Daughter, Friend, Battle Buddy, and Super Hero all at the same time, while cooking dinner, taking out the trash, helping with homework, budgeting the family finances, AND running a full time successful business (or two)!  OK, maybe I just made that sound like everyone's Super Hero Women....but I know I have truly met a few of these live and in action.  Not saying their life is perfect, but they definitely know how to make lemonade with the lemons life gives them.  

Now that I have that out of my system....onto introducing this week's Featured Spouse of the Week.  

Brittany is an Army wife, mother of three, and owns her own business named Brinneydee Designs and Photography.   You can connect with Brittany through her website or her Facebook page.  

I got a chance to do a short interview with Brittany.

1.  How did you get started? A few years back, we had a computer built for us by a friend. He installed Photoshop for me, since he knew I was big into digital scrapbooking at that time. It took me a while to get comfortable enough to use the program, but once I did, my digital scrapbooking projects quickly evolved into forum graphics and skins, as well as blog and website graphics and other graphic designs. I realized I absolutely loved it, and kept working at getting better. Today, I have an associate's degree in Web Design, and I'm 2 months away from finishing my bachelor's degree!

2.  Who was your biggest inspiration? My husband kept encouraging me to try different types of graphic design projects. He has been supportive since day 1, and I love him dearly for that.

3.  What's your favorite part of being a military spouse? I love the opportunities presented that may not be available to us if he hadn't enlisted, such as the healthcare, the opportunity to travel to places we have never been, etc. I have also made some of the most wonderful friends of my life since becoming a military spouse, and they are part of this life I will always be grateful for.

4.  How many years have you been a military spouse? This is our 4th year as a military family. Sometimes I still feel so much like a “newbie” to this life, but other times it feels like we've been a military family forever.

5.  Kids?  Animals?  We have two girls who are our little Drama Queen and Diva, and VERY soon our little princesses will have a prince joining them! :) [Editor's Note:  I am happy to announce that their "prince" joined the family just last weekend!  Congrats to Brittany and her family!!!]  We love animals, but since our youngest daughter is allergic, we can't have any furry friends anymore. :(

6.  What is the best part of your business/company that you would like to share with us?  The best part of my company is that every bit of my work is completely personalized to the customer. I don't use templates or piggy-back off other designs; when you work with me, your design is done completely from scratch, with you in mind. No one else out there will ever have the same design as you!

7.  Anything else you would like to share with us?  I love being able to carry my business with me everywhere we go. As a graphic designer, it's wonderful to know that no matter what, I always have a way to do what I love. :)

A special thanks to Brittany and congratulations to her family on their new addition.  Please be sure to check out Brittany on her Facebook page and her website.  

I hope you enjoyed today's feature.  If you would like to be the next featured MilSpouse, please feel free to contact me.  I love to connect with other Military Spouses and like I said in the beginning you are all my Heroes!!!  


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