Thursday, May 23, 2013

Amazing Military Family! - The Williams

Today I would like to take a moment to bring to you an amazing Military Family that are doing amazing things.  My family met the Williams family almost 10 years ago.  We moved to Fort Campbell and Tim Williams was a classmate with our daughter Cami.  All through middle school they knew each other and that bond only got deeper as they both headed into high school and sports at Fort Campbell.  

In the summer of 2009, our heart broke.  We got the call while at cheerleading practice that Tim had dropped on the football field and was taken to the hospital.  We all were shocked and just prayed.  Feeling helpless my daughter really wanted to go to the hospital to be with Tim's family and friends.  Even through some of the best medical care, Tim went to heaven and from the very beginning his parents strength always amazed me.  Bill and Kim Williams were always parents who gave it their all to everything Tim was involved in, and continued to do so even after the loss of Tim.  Being a wonderful mentor to all of Tim's teenage friends who were so upset over the loss of their friend and assuring them all that Tim was up in heaven looking down and cheering them all on.  

To get to know the kind of team and family support that circled around Fort Campbell during this time read this amazing article by NPR.  Or also this one by Sports Illustrated.

Bill and Kim continued to be a huge support to Fort Campbell High School and football team.  They have given back so much, that I wanted to take a moment to share their next project with you.  

Note from Bill Williams: 
In July of 2009, when our son Tim Williams went to Heaven, Kim and I wanted to find a way to give back to the players that were like Tim's brothers for so many years.  After much prayer and discussion, we decided to start a scholarship fund that would provid Offensive and Defensive Linemen a laptop to use in college.  There were no GPA requirements to be met, the only requirements were that the player had to be a lineman for the Fort Campbell Falcons and be accepted to a college (playing football at the next level was not something that was required either). 
Since the start of Laptops for Linemen, we've provided laptops for 15 graduating football players.  Another facet of the fund is that we treat the linemen to dinner at a local Japanese Steakhouse named Yamato's, it was Tim's favorite place to eat and it provides us a chance to sit down with the players and talk about what they're going to pursue in college and what they'd like to do beyond that. 
Each year, in order to keep the fund going, we hold a fundraiser for donations.   In years past, we had pancake breakfasts to raise money and everyone seems to enjoy the pancakes and sausage.  This year, our last year, we sold hot dogs, chili, nachos, and the popular walkin' tacos at Christian Way Farm, a local family-friendly farm in nearby Hopkinsville. 
After the first year of the fund, my wife and I decided, after more prayer, to add another level of giving through the Tim Williams Scholarship Fund.  One of the things that Tim wanted to do was to go on a mission trip to Mexico to spread the Gospel of Jesus.  So we added 'Young Men on Missions' and have assisted with funding for a former Fort Campbell player to take a mission trip to Fiji.  That portion of the scholarship fund has branched out to help college students that didn't know Tim personally go on mission trips to Africa and Honduras. 
Recently my wife and I decided that this year would be the final year that we accept donations for the Scholarship Fund.  We have a few more laptops to purchase for Falcons but will discontinue the fund when that's done.  

In a final effort, we will be partnering with a local Clarksville business, Milan Enterprises, to build a church in Guatemala in Tim's memory.  The owner of Milan enterprises, Leo Milan has been building churches there (and Mexico) for a few years now.  Leo was also a teenage-youth pastor at the church we attend while Tim was a teenager, so it seemed fitting to partner with him and his business to build this church, a building that will stand for a long time in memory of our son.  
We've asked for $100 from 80 of our friends and family to help raise the money to build the church.  We understand that not everyone can donate that much, so any little bit helps.    A location in Guatemala has already been picked out and work should commence soon.  We'll be creating a Facebook Group and adding everyone who donates to the church fund so they can see the progress of the build through its completion.
Kim and I are so thankful to the many people who have donated in the past and helped keep the fund going strong, we wouldn't have been able to provide so many laptops if it wasn't for them.   

A special thanks to the Williams Family for all that they have given back to so many.  To this day, all my kids remember Tim and his special smile.  They all gain strength from seeing how the Williams family have not only survived the loss of Tim to heaven but have glorified it with SO many great missions in his honor.  

If you would like to support the Williams family mission, please send donations to:

Tim Williams Scholarship Fund
PO Box 629
Fort Campbell, KY 42223
Please make checks payable to Tim Williams Scholarship Fund and put "Church Fund" on the comments line of your check.  

What an awesome family and an unbelievable community.  This is just another amazing Military Family doing great things.  Please consider helping them out!


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