Monday, June 3, 2013

10 Summer Grilling Recipes

Here are 10 of my favorite Summer Grilling Recipes:

1.  Big Green Egg Chicken - So simple and incredibly tender and juicy cooked on the Big Green Egg!

2.  Big Green Egg Lemon Pepper Wings - Another great chicken recipe on the grill.

3.  4 Cheese Mac N Cheese on grill - So cheesy and yummy!!!

4.  Ribs on Big Green Egg - these are fall off the bone ribs.  A definite must try!

5.  Turkey on the Grill - Wonderful flavor and incredibly juicy.  

6.  BBQ Corn with Mexican Spicy Butter from Eat, Drink Daily blog.  

7.  Smokin' Good Texas Brisket from Angry Gard'ner blog.  

8.  Mayo Potatoes from Big T's Big Green Egg Recipe Blog.

9.  Cedar Plank Salmon from Big T's Green Egg Recipe Blog.

10. Rum Soaked Fruit Skewers from Giggling Chef blog.

These are all amazing recipes and worth the try.  In need of more Grilling Tips and Tricks?  Check these out:

Also be sure to try this Summer Salad collection too!

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  1. I have said this before; I need to get me a Big Green Egg:) Wonderful recipes on some wonderful blogs~ Lynn @ Turnips 2 Tangerines Have a Great Week Pam!