Monday, September 30, 2013

IOS7 Mystery Emails Deleted

IOS7 email Tips

Anyone else having issues with that silly RED circle floating above your mail icon on your iPad or iPhone that just won't go away no matter what you delete or open???  Well I did....and a few other readers did too.  A few people even reached out and asked me "How do I fix this?"  So I figured if it was bothering me, it was probably bothering someone else too. Here is the answer that I found when I did the research through tons of Apple forums....

  1. Go to Mailboxes and select "All Inboxes".
  2. Next in the top right hand corner click on the EDIT button.
  3. Then in the bottom left hand corner click on MARK ALL.
  4. A pop up menu comes up with two choices: either Flag or Mark as Unread.....choose Mark  as Unread.  
  5. Wait a second or two for that operation to happen. 
  6. Then go thru steps 2-4 again, this time you will have the option to choose Mark as READ!
This should clear out all mystery Unread email in that little red circle on your MAIL ICON on both your iPhone and iPad.  You may have to do these steps on both devices, but do it on one first and then allow the other to update before going through these steps on the other.  

(Again I am NOT an Apple employee, NOR am I an Apple Genius....BUT I am an AVID user and have been for many years.  I LOVE my Apple products when I can make them work correctly and easily.  My entire household is filled with Apple users and if I don't know how to FIX something that is not working entirely right for me, one of my many other Apple users can usually figure it out.  Just wanted to make sure you guys as the reader know that I am NEVER claiming to be THE EXPERT!!!)

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