Sunday, September 22, 2013

IOS7 Text Message Issues solved!

Have you updated to iPhone IOS7 and are having issues within your family of one person receiving the anothers text messages???  Seems like this is a frequent problem with the new IOS7 update.  

Here is why, and a solution for you!!!

iPhone IOS7's new system asks immediately when updating for your Apple ID, some Families (like mine) share Apple ID's for iTunes store.  BUT if you put one Apple ID in for multiple phones the original iPhone will receive the text messages for the other phones.  Because the new update is sending not only as an iPhone to your phone number, but also to your email Apple ID.  

Solution:  Everyone with an iPhone needs their own Apple ID.  You can still share iTunes Apple ID for App Store and iTunes etc.  

First go to Settings > iCloud > Account and make sure you have your own Apple ID here.  (NOTE: to change this you must delete the current iCloud account and re-ad new one.  This is found on iCloud settings page at the very bottom, not on the page for iCloud Account.)  This is NOT where you want to share one.   (If you don't have an Apple ID you can create a free one at

Now to fix your iTunes (Where you can share your Apple ID)
Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID and fix to make sure this is where you want to purchase your items.  

Easy fix, right?  Well it was sure a small mystery for a few friends of mine this weekend.  I had 3 different sets of friends, who couldn't understand why they were receiving texts meant for their wife, husband or son.  My favorite being my friend who's 15 year old son updated his iPhone and used Mom's Apple ID as he set up his phone and then left for school.  By about 10 am his Mom couldn't understand why she was receiving all these texts meant for her son (who by the way was at school and shouldn't be texting with anyone, "rut ro shaggy" as my favorite Scooby character would say).  Anyway after thinking on it for a few minutes she and I realized the issue.  She then sent a text to her son, who in turn sent a text out to ALL his contacts saying, please stop texting me today, MOM is getting ALL my text messages until I get home today!!!  HeeHee.  That had to be my favorite.  

So if this mystery has also happened to you, please give this a try.  I hope it helps.  

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  1. Ok - LOVE the information!! I was having the same problem - However I can't get the Icloud to let me change to the New account I just set up... I don't see an edit button under the Settings / Icloud area?? Can you help with this??

    1. Go to Settings > iCloud then scroll to bottom of page and delete account. Then re-ad correct account info. This only deletes off this device. Doesn't delete that iCloud account forever. ;). Thanks for asking. I'll update this page in a sec with more specific info on this.
      Pam :)

  2. You can easily controls which texts you get in the settings section under "text messages" it is much simpler and you don't have to create any extra iTunes accounts. (Also, the mom in your above post could easily monitor her sons activity during school and in select his number on the weekends/evenings :-)

  3. Thanks for the great info Pam! Can I also solve the problem of getting my son's text and vice versa by simply changing my apple id password?

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