Monday, October 21, 2013

Classic Apple Pie Recipe

Fall is a great time for baking that Classic Apple Pie recipe and for picking your own apples at your favorite apple orchard.  We got to enjoy a little of that this weekend, as we went to visit Hickory Hills Orchard in Cheshire, CT.   It was such a beautiful Saturday morning wandering through the apple trees with the New England fall colors so vibrant in the background.
The weekend continued with some family fun over football, oh boy a LOT of SEC crazy upsets in football this weekend.  Nothing better than good football and good food.  We also enjoyed making our own classic Apple Pie and even some homemade slow cooker Applesauce this weekend.  Oh and don't let me forget the slow cooker roast beef we had brewing all day Sunday!  Yummy (more to come on that recipe later this week!)  First I wanted to share with you some of our favorite photos from the apple picking.  It was SO pretty, and made for a beautiful fall backdrop.  

Classic Apple Pie Recipe
We haven't made a homemade apple pie in a while.  And don't really have a great family recipe for one, so when in doubt search for a good one.  We looked through a lot of recipes to find that the one on Land of Lakes butter website gets amazing reviews and sounded worth we did.  
Since the recipe is not ours, I am just going to give you the link to the original recipe.  
What I will do though, is tell you what we thought of it.  The crust was amazing.  I would use this crust again and try it on different types of pies also.  It was a great find.  The filling was good and flavorful, but we found we probably needed to bake it just a tad bit longer than the instructions.  Our apples inside were still just a little bit crisp at the set time, and not as soft as we would have liked them in the pie.  (So we added about 10 extra minutes and it turned out great). 
But add a little ice cream on warm apple pie and it was definitely a yummy dessert.  I say it's a classic recipe and definitely worth saving for the future.  Give it a try @ LAND OF LAKES BLUE RIBBON APPLE PIE RECIPE (click here)

A few other recipes to try and enjoy!

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