Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Halloween Mortuary Outdoor Sign

Today I wanted to share how we created this Mortuary sign out of a piece of reclaimed wood.  It was a fun design to make and has proven to be a hit during many of our Halloween parties.  

The design was simple.  I laid out the letters from just a printed design that I printed on powerpoint across a few pages.  The scroll design is just a clip art repeated and enlarged. I will admit, it took me a few times to get the sizing correct to my liking.  
I use carbon paper to trace my design onto the wood.  Once it's on the wood, I then begin carving.  For this design, I kept the lettering raised and carved down the negative space around it, which meant I needed to line a boarder around the edge to carve to.  In the pictures the gray is carved down, the black is all at the original height of the wood.  To carve, I use a Craftsman router with an 1/8th inch carving bit on it.  I set my depth and then follow the lines and do all my carving by hand.  Try it, it's not as hard as it may seem.  
To paint, I used a standard black acrylic paint.  And for the silver, I mixed a silver and a metallic gray to create the blended look of a more stone aged look.  Also the wood pattern itself came through some of the silver leaving a cool pattern that we were happy with.  We knew we weren't looking for perfection with this sign, we were looking for an aged weathered look.  As you can see one corner of the board is sort of chewed up.  That was like that when we started and we just went with it.  
We created this wood version when our original styrofoam one from this party broke in bad weather one year.  The styrofoam was easy to make too, we carved it with a hand dremmel instead of our large router, but it's all about the same concept.  This reclaimed wood version is just a lot more sturdy to handle all the elements outdoors.  
As you can see this goes great with our graveyard signs too.  You can sort of make out those in the back ground of this photo.  To see how to make those click this photo:
Halloween Graveyard Signs

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