Monday, November 11, 2013

Christmas North Pole Wood Sign

First…Happy Veteran's Day!  As a military spouse of more than 22 years, I have the upmost respect for all Veteran's and their Families.  I salute you all!!!

Next, I have exciting news.  I have decided to finally open an Etsy shop to sell a few wood signs and see how it goes.  Please take a moment to check out my new SHOP (remember, I am an Etsy NEWBIE and for all you guys who are experts, please send all helpful suggestions to me via email!!!).  :)  There are currently just a few items in it for now.  I plan to add a few more as we complete more projects.  I also plan to add a few more items where we can offer more personalization.  IF you have an idea of something you would love to see in a sign, don't hesitate to email me and get a price quote.  Order today using the coupon code STOREOPEN and receive 10% off….good until midnight EST time tonight!   

Now onto today's project…

North Pole Christmas Wood Carved Sign

Wood Carved Sign
Here is our newest Christmas sign.  This is another CNC Router sign.  To finish this one I used a painting and staining technique shown below in the photos.  I'll just let the photos speak for themselves.  :)

Christmas Wood Sign

Wood Carved Sign

Wood Carved Sign

Wood Carved Sign
I love how it turned out.   So simple yet rustic.  I just added this one to my new Etsy shop too.  So don't miss it.  

If you liked this sign, take a peek at my other sign tutorials too.  

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  1. Great sign! And congrats on the new etsy shop! I popped over from Homemade by You! Thanks for sharing!

    ~Abby =)

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