Tuesday, November 19, 2013

DIY Thanksgiving Day Menu Chalkboard

Looking for a simple Do It Yourself craft to spice up your Thanksgiving decor?  Check out this great fun Menu board.  So easy to make.  

Items Needed:

  • Craft board 12" x 24" x 8mm (1/4 thick plywood)
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Stain (Minwax Polyshade Antique Chestnut)
  • Chalk
  • Paint brushes (sponge throw away work great for this project, need at least 4 brushes)
  • Painters tape
Now here is the HOW TO with photos…
1.  First prep board with taping edging of board where you will eventually want to stain.  I used 1 inch painters tape to keep an even edge. After all tape is applied, go around edges and make sure edges are down well so that NO chalkboard paint seeps under tape.  
2.  I used Valspar Chalkboard paint.  It is a little pricier than spray on chalkboard paint, but I find it gives a better coverage and ends up with a nicer finished chalkboard with only two coats.  
3.  Apply the chalkboard paint with a foam brush and make sure to cover well.  Allow to dry completely.  
4.  Apply 2nd coat of chalkboard paint.  This should go on a lot easier and smoother than the first coat covering well.  Make sure this coat is even as this will be the last coat.  Allow to dry at least overnight before removing the tape. 
5.  Next remove tape and get ready to stain.  (TIP: wear gloves when using any kind of stain.  Make sure to mix stain well before using)  You have a choice to now tape the chalkboard before staining or just stain carefully around edges.  I didn't tape and it worked out well.  When I stained I applied a good coat of stain to edges gave it about 5 minutes to set and then wiped off with a staining cloth (staining cloth=is just a good clean rag, can be an old t-shirt or a store bought staining cloth).  I chose to ONLY apply one coat, because I liked the color it came out with one coat!
6.  After the stain completely dried, to finish I took a small piece of 600 grit sandpaper and lightly rubbed around edges where stained just to make a little smoother.  (This is not a must, just a personal preference…don't use lower grit sandpaper as it will take off your stain.)  I wiped dust off well.  
7.  Last step was to prep chalkboard.  Take a piece of white chalk and completely cover chalkboard in chalk dust….by just coloring it in.  Then take a cloth (or old t-shirt) and wipe clean.  This does put a lot of chalk dust on to the stain, but I didn't fear.  I just went ahead and wrote what I wanted on my board….in this case the menu (in chalk, so I can change it up later for the season or whatever).  And then I took a damp sponge and lightly wiped the chalk dust off the stained part of my board and dried with my cloth.  WA-LA!!!  
Here's a sneak peek of my Thanksgiving Day mantel.  Still tweaking it a bit.  As you can see, I have a LOT of mantel to work with, and a HUGE window to boot.  I love it, but it does make for a challenge sometimes.  (Especially trying to photograph when the sun is out, I might be replacing these photos later when the sun goes down!!!)

Here are a few more signs you might like to take a peek at:

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  1. This thanksgiving chalkboard is amazing. This idea of having a chalkboard is truly great. Going to implement this idea for my tea party that will soon arrange at one of event space San Francisco. Thanks for sharing this fabulous idea.