Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Participating in the Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap

 I'm so excited to share with all of you guys that we are participating in the Great Cookie Swap for Food Bloggers 2013.  We are currently in the stage of working to create our special cookie recipe.  I will share with all you guys that our kitchen has been busy, to date we have currently created 6 new cookie recipes trying to see which one we want to use.  
Our kids are LOVING it, because they have homemade cookies all over the kitchen for the last couple of weeks.  I think we have narrowed it down and we are now going to do two more recipes and decide which one of these final two we want to use.  Again, as you can probably tell, I am very excited.  Well I am getting ahead of myself.  Part of why I am writing this post today is to explain what the Great Cookie Swap is and how it is working.  So here goes.  

First, about a month ago, in many of my Social Media circles I saw that the Great Cookie Swap was coming and I read through the sign up sheet and was taken by the idea from the beginning.  The minute I heard that all profits were going to support the organization Cookies for Kids Cancer, I was onboard.   So I registered.  It only took a few dollars and I could donate a few dollars too during my registration that would go to the cause! :)  By registering, I was saying that I was a food blogger, willing to bake a cookie recipe and then be willing to receive mailing addresses of three different other food bloggers, bake my own cookie recipe (take photos of and be ready to blog about my own cookie recipe) and before Dec 2nd, mail a dozen cookies to each of the food bloggers selected for me for the Great Cookie Swap.  (In return, I will also receive in the mail three different dozen cookies from three different food bloggers from all over the US too!)  Who wouldn't LOVE that!  :)  Oh and the final step will be on December 11, 2013 when all the participating Food Bloggers will all post our cookie recipes on our own blogs too.  There will be a round up created and I promise to share that too with my readers, what a great resource for you guys to receive.  

I'm proud to announce that there are 619 of us Food Bloggers are participating this year.  And with the help of our amazing sponsors Oxo, Dixie Crystals, Gold Medal, and Grandma Molasses this project has raised $13, 778.40 for Cookies for Kids Cancer!  SO AWESOME!!!  :)  I would be remiss if I didn't give a shout out to our fabulous Food Bloggers who organized event and did an amazing job!  Big cheers for Love & Olive Oil and The Little Kitchen.  These ladies definitely deserve many kudos because we couldn't have done our part without them!!!  :)  

I would just like to wrap up as we draw into this "thankful season" this week with Thanksgiving on Thursday, and challenge everyone between now and Christmas to find a small (or large) way to give just a little back to someone or something else.  I know we all get SO busy this time of year, but stop a minute look around and find a need and fill it.  I am sure you won't even have to look too hard or too far in many cases.  There are so many great organizations doing great things out there.  I know the Wreaths Across America event is coming up, if you haven't heard of it, I challenge you to look it up.  There are many Angel Trees, Toys for Tot programs and etc out there.  But really sometimes it can be as simple as volunteering at something close to home.  Or even just a pay it forward…pay for the person in line behind you…the smile you will bring can change someones day!  Make a difference!  The feelings you will get from what you do will be so rewarding, you won't forget it!  

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