Monday, November 18, 2013

Thanksgiving Recipe Ideas

Looking for great recipes that are tried and true for your Thanksgiving dinner?  Here are a few that might just answer your needs!

Turkey Recipe that can be cooked on your Big Green Egg, Grill or in the oven.  Great recipe that works well and is juicy and good every time!!!  
Scallop Potatoes are a great substitute for traditional mashed potatoes.  Try these…they are amazing!!!
Pretzel Rolls make a great Turkey sandwich roll.  This is a recipe that is easy to make and turns out wonderful every time.
Honey Butter Beer Bread would be a different option too for your bread.  This one is made with a secret ingredient.  Makes for a sweeter and very moist bread.  Best beer bread I have ever made.  
French Bread!  Need a more traditional bread with your meal, this is the one for you.  You can shape into a loaf or into rolls and works great for both.  
Thanksgiving Morning Sticky Buns are a great way to kick off the Macy's Day parade while you prepare all the other food for the day.  These are yummy and will make the house start off the day smelling wonderfully!  
Classic Apple Pie Recipe is one everyone needs for Thanksgiving.  I love this recipe.  And I will admit, I have even cheated and made a quick version with a refrigerator crust and it turned out good (not as yummy as the homemade crust pictured above, but still good, if you are in a hurry).  

Well these are all just a few of our favorites for the upcoming week.  What's your favorite?  

We will definitely be cooking our turkey on the Big Green Egg next week.  I will probably be making my favorite homemade mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes instead of the scalloped ones above (just a family favorite).  We haven't yet decided what bread we will be doing.  Maybe even trying a new recipe.  Have a favorite bread recipe you LOVE, leave me a link in the comments, maybe we will try it!  :)  Our veggies will consist of corn, peas and maybe some grilled squash.  I'm positive dessert will be a combination of apple pie, cool whip pie, and at least one type of cookie (maybe our favorite chocolate chip or butterscotch oatmeal…hmmm, decisions, decisions)!  I can almost close my eyes and smell the wonderful yummy food cooking, hear the Macy Day parade on the TV, as my kids slowly wander into the great room Thanksgiving morning.  I really can't wait.  

But my favorite part of the whole day is spending the day with FAMILY.  There is nothing better than being in the kitchen, living room in front of the football games, or really anywhere in the house with my favorite people!!!  So I hope all my readers also have a wonderful family filled Thanksgiving.  Many blessings to all!  :)

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